Asides from being prominent for its exceptional designs and beautiful bodies, Apple is widely loved because of the prestige that comes with owning them. Unarguably, the laptops are one of the best globally and are power-packed with special features like built-in light sensors and a multi-touch keyboard. Moreover, all Apple’s laptops are built with macOS proprietary. 

Class, style, and functionality are the hallmarks of Apple Laptops.

Apple Laptop Prices In Kenya

Apple Laptop Prices in Kenya

Due to their style, built-in features, and beautiful interface, the Apple MacBook Pro and Macbook are some of the most common laptops. In comparison to other laptop brands, Apple Laptops are more costly. However, with this list below, you can still find one that matches your needs and budget.  View the current price of Apple laptops in Kenya listed below. 

  • Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 == from KES 160,000
  • Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15.4 Inches)  == from KES 475,000
  • Apple Macbook Pro (15 inches) == from KES 417,000
  • Apple MacBook Air (13.3 inches) == from KES 135,400
  • Apple MacBook Pro  (1 TB) == from KES 320,000
  • Apple Macbook Pro with Touch ID & Touch Bar == from KES 342,000
  • Apple MacBook Pro (512 GB, 15.4 inches) == from KES 243,500
  • Apple MacBook Pro with Retina and Touch Bar (256 GB, 16 GB RAM) == from 205,800

Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 

  • Features: Inches 256GB SSD Core I5 8GB RAM 

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15.4 Inches)     

  • Features: Intel Core I7 Quad-Core 2.7GHz (16GB, 512GB HDD) 15.4-Inch Mac OS

Apple Macbook Pro (15 inches)    

  • Features: Intel Core I7 2.2 GHz (16GB, 256GB SSD) 15-Inch Mac OS X

 Apple MacBook Air (13.3 inches)   

  • Features: 13.3-Inch Laptop (Intel Core I5, 8GB, 256GB, Mac OS X)

Apple MacBook Pro  (1 TB)  

  • Features: 13.3″ Display – Intel Core I7-3.5GHZ 16GB 1TB SSD

Apple Macbook Pro with Touch ID & Touch Bar    

  • Features: 15.4″ Retina Quad-Core I7 2.8Ghz 16GB 256GB

Apple MacBook Pro (512 GB, 15.4 inches)   

  • Features: Intel Core I7 2.9GHz (16GB, 512GB SSD, 4GB Radeon Graphics) 15.4-Inch

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina and Touch Bar (256 GB, 16 GB RAM)    

  • Features: 2.8GHz Intel Core I7 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD   

Why Buy Apple Laptops

Over the years, Apple laptops have gained ground in the IT industry by including features other laptop brands do not have. The following features are some of the reasons Apple is widely preferred in Kenya. 

Design: The recent models of Apple laptops efficient and effective at giving a fantastic performance. They also include great features like keypad lighting, heavy-duty batteries, beautiful aluminum casing, Bluetooth wireless connection, DVD burner, inbuilt trackball, unique keypad lightning, high-performance batteries, Wi-Fi support, and so on.

Accessibility and security: compared to other laptop PCs, the Apple laptop is more accessible than advanced virus security.  

Size: Apple Laptops are slime and thick. They come in over 2.5 inches, which is more significant than a letter-size paper sheet. They are also light to carry. 

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