Author: KPadmin

Honda Stream Prices in Kenya (2020) – New and Used

honda stream price in kenya

Honda rates among the most reliable automobile brands in the industry today. Their vehicles are known for their strong efficiency…

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Mazda Verisa Prices in Kenya (2020) – New and Used

mazda verisa price in kenya

One of the few cars that have divided opinions of car reviewers, car lovers and even car owners in recent…

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Cost of Living in Kenya (2020)

cost of living in kenya

Planning on migrating to Kenya but unsure about the cost of living? The cost of living in Kenya is not…

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Audi Q7 Prices in Kenya (2020) – New and Used

audi q7 price in kenya

As far as German vehicles goes, it is quite difficult to pick a brand better that the Audi in almost…

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Mitsubishi RVR Prices in Kenya (2020) – New and Used

mitsubishi rvr price in kenya

Mitsubishi is not a brand you come across every day, except of course you have a special taste for lovely…

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