WiFi Router Prices In Kenya (2023)

Wireless routers are becoming increasingly popular in Kenya. You’ll find them in offices, homes, restaurants, and cafes. They are most popular because of their convenience and ease of setup. 

Are you looking for a wireless router and unsure how to go about it? 

This article will provide the latest prices of Wireless routers in Kenya and offer additional information that might help your purchase. 

Prices Of Wireless Routers In Kenya

Generally, WiFi routers help ease your online and browsing experience. When you get to the market, you’ll realize there are many brands of WiFi routers, each promising exciting features. Some popular brands include Tenda, Mikrotik, and Tp-link. 

Below are the prices of several router brands and models available in Kenya: 

TP-Link Wireless Routers 

TP-Link TL-WR940N ======== from KES 3,000 

Tp-link TL-WR941HP ======== from KES 4,500 

Tp-link TL-MR100 =========== from KES 6,500 

Tp-link Archer C20 AC750 ======== from KES 3,000 

Tp-Link TL-R470T+ Load balance Router === from KES 5,000 

Tp-Link TL-WR840N ======== from KES 1750 

TP-Link TL-MR3420 ======== from KES 2,600 

TP-Link TL-WR841HP ======== from KES 4,500 

Tp-Link Archer AX6000 W ======= from KES 53,000

Tp Link Archer Ax10 Router ===== from KES 6,500 

Tp-Link Router MR6400 ======= from KES 6,600 


Huawei ONU GPON/EPON HG8546M ==== from KES 2,200 

Huawei B593 Router ======== from KES 6,500 

Safaricom Huawei Wireless Router ======= from KES 6,000


MikroTik RB2011UiAS-RM ======= from KES 13,500 

Mikrotik hAP Lite TC RB941-2nD-TC ======= from KES 3000

Mikrotik Router Powerbox Pro RB960PGS-PB === from KES 11,000 

Mikrotik RB260GSP ======= from KES 6,500 

Mikrotik RB941 ======= from KES 3,300

Mikrotik LHG5 ======= from KES 7,500


Tenda F3 N300 ======= from KES 1450 

Tenda Ac21 Dual-Band ======= from KES 6,500

Tenda Ac23 Gigabit Router ======= from KES 7,000

Tenda F3 Router ======= from KES 1,500


Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X ER-X- KES 7,500 

Mercusys MW330HP 300Mbps High Power – KES 3,000 

Cisco Router 1921 ======= from KES 10,000 

ZTE MF283U 4G LTE Router KES 6000 

Heavy-Duty Sailsky ======= from KES 5,500

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C ======= from KES 3,000

Pixlink 4 Antenna High Gain Router and Repeater ==== from KES 1800

Cpe 4G Faiba Enabled Router ======= from KES 5,000

WiFi Router: Ultimate Buying Guide 

As discussed earlier, there are many brands and models to choose from. The market is so saturated that choosing the right router can be challenging. 

Hence, to help you narrow your search, we’ll share some tips on the crucial factors to consider when choosing your new router. These essential features will help you select the best router for your status.


Before you go to the market to get a new router, consider how much you want to spend on it. Generally, routers can have different specifications and prices. While some are relatively cheap, others are way pricier. Plan your budget so you know how to get the best possible features within the price range. 

Routers Frequency 

A typical wireless router can come in two possible frequencies: single(2.4GHz) or dual band(5GHz). The significant difference between the frequency is the range, interference, and speed. The 5GHz offers faster connection with less disturbance for the connected devices as it’s usually less cluttered. As such, you’ll get maximum access from the bandwidth. It’s the best option if you want to connect multiple devices or your area has overlapping networks. 

On the other hand, the 2.4GHz is ideal for numerous devices simultaneously and is less susceptible to congestion and interference. Generally, if you live in a densely populated environment, ensure you get a dual-band router. 

Router Security 

A wireless router security is another feature to scrutinize before buying. Wireless networks are generally insecure, and strangers can spy on your online activities, especially within close range. As such, they can hijack your connection, access your files, and infect them with malware. 

However, newer router models have an extra layer of security that solves this problem. Such includes encryption and WPA Enterprise security. A router that supports WPA offers protection through special authentication encryption on external servers. Be on the lookout for this type of router to be on the safer side. 

Router’s Antenna Range 

To enjoy a smooth and seamless router connection, you should pay keen attention to the antenna range. The best way to enjoy an uninterrupted network connection is to place the router in a central location without any barrier obstructing it, thereby causing interference. However, even if the router has a poor antenna range, you’ll still lose some connections. 

The antenna range depends on several factors and can’t be measured. But to determine it, you can check the dBi rating of the antenna, which is consistently among the specifications. You should buy a router with a high dBi rating (over 4) if you have a large apartment or space and want to enjoy uninterrupted connections. 

On the other hand, if you have a small space, a dBi rating between 2-4 will do the job. Other factors to look out for in a wireless router include ISP compatibility, newer wireless protocol, quality of service, and beamforming.