Crooked teeth, underbites, crossbites, overbites, malocclusions, and many other teeth and jaw flaws can be a huge problem regardless of your mouth’s condition or how old you are. Unusually placed or misaligned teeth can be a great turn off to many people giving room for negative judgment and low self-esteem. Braces help correct these flaws and allow you to smile freely, gnashing your teeth as you want.

Braces are devices used in dental health or orthodontics to straighten and align crooked teeth, positioning them well regarding the person’s bite to improve the individual’s dental health. Braces may be cosmetic or structural. Dental braces shape the teeth and Jaw by widening the Jaws and palate. It is used together with orthodontics and different types, including the Gold-plated stainless steel, lingual, titanium, traditional metal wired, progressive care removable aligners, customized orthodontic treatment systems.

Braces Prices In Kenya

Braces Prices in Kenya

Braces come in different qualities and brands, shapes, types depending on the purpose of purchase. Therefore braces vary in price. However, most persons have always thought that braces are expensive and lived with their tooth flaws. This article gives a list of different braces, features, and prices, helping you choose out of the many available options.

Generic – GE840HB0L6CARNAFAMZ Brace

  • Product details: It is a Gold-Silver plated brace with an open-face design. It is a Lead-free 12 top-bottom teeth grill with two fixing bars and a tweezer.
  • Colour: Gold, Silver, Rose gold, Black.
  • Price: from KSh 363

Fashion 24k Brace – FA113HB0KQFCDNAFAMZ

  • Product details: Six top and six bottom grill sets, suitable for all sizes, Rose Gold plated, removable when eating or when not needed, 100% safe on the human body, very fashionable.
  • Colour: Rose Gold.
  • Price: from KSh 2,799

Generic 5PC Temporary Smile Teeth Cosmetic – GE840HB11AUSVNAFAMZ

  • Product details: Comfort fit 5 PC cosmetic teeth brace, High quality, easy to use, smile enhancer, lovely, and economical. 
  • Colour: Milky white.
  • Price: KSh 1,881.

Generic Dental Orthodontic Teeth – GE840ST1E71FFNAFAMZ

  • Product details: Orthodontic teeth corrector braces that straighten, are 100% high quality, easy to carry, can be used at will, and are made with soft and elastic material.
  • Colour: Variety
  • Price: KSh 1,500.

Generic Dental Steel Wire Teeth – GE840HB0J3PL4NAFAMZ

  • Product Details: It is an Orthodontic stainless steel wire brace made from plastic and stainless steel, 15 mm high and 78 mm wide, durable, and affordable.
  • Colour: Silver, Gold.
  • Price: KSh 479.

Generic Ht Smile Veneers – GE840ST0Z3EXWNAFAMZ

  • Product details: A silicone tooth that fits all teeth sizes, is easy to use, high quality, and standard, and allows you to smile naturally.
  • Colour: Pink and white.
  • Price: from KSh 200

Generic Mango Dental Orthodontic Brackets – GE840HB0Z18CGNAFAMZ

  • Product details: 10 Pcs Mini MAT metal teeth, practical and durable, made from synthetic metal and used for orthodontic dental treatment.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Price: KSh 768.

Generic Dental Veneers – GE840ST1KNWVVNAFAMZ

  • Product details: Cosmetic teeth denture veneer, made from Polyethylene. 
  • Colour: White.
  • Price: KSh 130.

Generic Dental Implant Disease Teeth – GE840HB1DA2P6NAFAMZ

  • Product details: It is flexible, a Bridge tooth dentist for medical science teaching, and Acrylic Resin steel.
  • Colour: Orange, yellow, blue, pink.
  • Price: KSh 2,149.

Muyi Gold Plated Teeth Grillz – MU677DR09GQTKNAFAMZ

  • Product Details: Set of Gold plated Hip hop top and bottom teeth Grillz, Fashionable, easy to use, made from Copper.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Price: KSh 650 – Ksh 750

Generic Retainer EVA Braces – GE840ST12G4E0NAFAMZ

  • Product details: It is a durable dental teeth alignment trainer, made from EVA materials, best for athletes, and easy to carry and use.
  • Colour: Blue, transparent.
  • Price: from KSh 120

Cost of Invisalign Braces in Kenya

There is another type of braces called the Invisalign braces. They are not as noticeable as regular braces but are more effective because they hold the teeth firmer.

However, they are usually costlier than standard braces. The price ranges from KSh 20,000 to KSh 250,000 depending on similar factors to the one stated above.

From the above prices, it’s evident that the prices of braces depend on the type you choose, the severity of your case, and the duration of the treatment. Also, the cost of tooth braces differs from the cost of putting them on. Ensure you look for a hospital whose price matches your budget.

If you plan your funds adequately, you should be able to put braces on your teeth either to correct your teeth deficiency or for fancy purposes since you now know the average braces cost.

Who can wear Braces?

Anyone above four years of age can wear braces. It is worn to correct tooth and jaw flaws. These flaws are best treated when the patient is at teenage age ( between 8 years to 15 years) because the teeth and mouth tissues are still soft and reduce the after-effects ( pains, swellings, etc.). However,  one can still wear a brace when he/she is an adult, and the results will still be effective.


Braces are great dental tools used to correct tooth and jaw defects. Their importance cannot be overemphasized as it is of great value in the teeth world. Reading through this article will be amazing as you will see the list of different braces and their prices, which will help you plan your budget. 

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