Just like in many other countries in Africa, the agricultural sector in Kenya has gained more momentum in recent times. Apart from the fact that the agricultural industry is one of the fast-growing sectors in the country, it is also very lucrative. One section that has attracted even more attention is livestock farming. This section of agriculture is one of the highly-profitable in the agricultural sector. 

Cost of Rearing 100 Broilers in Kenya

One of the most vital factors to put in mind when it comes to livestock farming is estimating the total cost of rearing the livestock you have picked interest in. In this post, we will be taking a look at how much it’d cost to successfully rear a hundred broilers in Kenya. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rear 100 Broiler in Kenya?

If you are looking to go into livestock farming, then the first thing you need to put in mind is the estimated cost of going into that section. For instance, if you want to go into rearing broilers, you need to know the number of broilers you want to start with and the associated cost that comes with it. In this section, we will be looking at how much it would cost to rear a hundred broilers in Kenya. We will run this estimate on the assumption that the potential farmer is a starter, hence, we will include capital costs and associated costs of rearing the broilers.

Cost of Setting Up Poultry House – When it comes to the capital cost, one of the most important things to put in place is where to keep the broilers you are looking to buy. You need to ensure that the broilers are comfortable enough in the space they are in so they can grow as expected. It is quite tricky to put a fixed amount on how much this would cost as many factors influence the amount it costs to set up poultry. One of these factors is the cost of renting the land or space. On average, the cost of setting up poultry for a hundred broilers ranges between 38, 000 Kenyan shilling – 60, 000 Kenyan shilling, depending on how sophisticated and big you want the poultry to be.

Cost of Purchasing the Broiler – Once you have set up the poultry, the next thing is to get your broilers. Note that to get the absolute value for rearing these broilers, you need to get them when they are a day old. This means that your target is getting a hundred 1-day old broilers. There is no specific amount day-old broilers go for. However, based on the recent trend in the market, the cost can be easily estimated. A day-old broiler costs between 80 shillings and 150 shillings, depending on where you are buying from. For the sake of this post, we will leave the cost of a 1-day old broiler to be 100 shillings. Note that if you are buying in bulk, they are usually cheaper. If you are estimating based on the 100 shillings per 1-day old broiler, then you will be looking at 10, 000 shillings for 100 of those broilers.

Cost of Feeding – Another very important cost to estimate is the cost of the broilers you are looking to rear. Feeds for broilers come in three different types the starter, the grower, and the finisher. The appropriate blend of these feeds has a lot to do with the growth of the broilers you are rearing. As expected, these classes of feeds vary in price. A 50 kg broiler starter feed costs between 3, 000 shillings – 3, 500 shillings. One 50 kg bag of broiler starter feed should be enough for a hundred broilers for the period. They might require two bags of growers though. A 50 kg bag of grower feed costs around the same amount as starters, which is between 3, 000 shillings – 3, 500 shillings. For this piece, we can assume two bags of 50 kg broiler grower feed costs 6, 000 shillings. Also, the broilers will require, say three (3) bags of broiler finisher feeds. We also expect a 50 kg bag of the finisher feed to cost between 3, 000 shillings – 3, 500 shillings. Using this estimate, three bags of 50 kg broiler finisher feed will go for 9, 000 shillings.  Hence, for feeding, you should budget between 18, 000 – 20, 000 shillings.

Cost of Drugs and Vaccination – While you budget for feeding and poultry houses, it is also essential for you to consider vaccinations and drugs. Broilers become more prone to common infections when they are packed together. There is a need to budget for vaccinations against infections like Newcastle diseases, Gumboro, and many others.  You should estimate between 550 shillings – 650 shillings to cover for vaccination. You can budget an additional 100 shilling to sort drugs if the need arises.

Miscellaneous – There are other costs you need to budget for. For instance, if you will be requiting workers, you need to estimate the cost of labor. There might also be a need to fix things in the poultry. All these and more should be covered in the miscellaneous section. Here, you can budget as low as 1000 shillings to as high as 2, 000 shillings depending on your estimation of the situation. In most cases, you wouldn’t spend as much as you have budgeted for miscellaneous.

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