Are you in Kenya and need the price for an HP Core i7 Laptop? You just picked the right article. We will tell you about the cost of the different classes of products in this range. Also, we will share a few interesting facts about this HP product line that you should know.

HP Core i7 Laptop Prices in Kenya

For a product line like HP Core i7 Laptop, it is difficult to peg a single price on it. This is because different sellers have different prices based on different factors. However, we have carried out our survey to save you the stress.

In this section, we will share the prices of both new and refurbished HP Core i7 Laptops in Kenya. After reading this, you can decide which you prefer or can afford.

Prices of HP Core i7 Laptops in Kenya (New)

  • HP Notebook-15 Core I7-10Gen, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD 15.6″ – KSh. 90,000 – KSh. 95,000
  • HP 15-15.6″ – Intel Core i7-8550U – 8GB RAM – 1TB HDD – KSh. 85,000 – KSh. 88,000
  • HP ProBook 430 G3 – 13.3″ – Intel Core i7 6th Gen- 4GB RAM – 500GB HDD – KSh. 94,000 – KSh. 99,000
  • HP EliteBook X360 1030 G3 Core I7 – 8th Gen 8gb Ram 256gb Ssd 13.3″ Touchscreen W/Stylus Pen – KSh. 123,000 – KSh. 127,000
  • HP Notebook 14 10th Gen Core I7 10510U 8GB RAM 1TB HDMI 14″ Display FreeDOS – KSh. 80,000 – KSh 85,000

Prices of refurbished HP Core i7 Laptops in Kenya

  • HP Refurbished Elitebook Folio 9480m – Core I7 – 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM -14″ – KSh. 46,000 – KSh. 48,500
  • HP Refurbished EliteBook Folio 9480M – 14″ – Core I7 – 500GB/16GB RAM – KSh. 49,000 – KSh. 52,000
  • HP Refurbished Folio 9470M , Core I7, 4GB RAM + 320GB, 14″ – Ksh. 39,000 KSh. 42,000
  • HP Refurbished EliteBook 840 Intel Core i7 500HDD 8GB RAM – KSh. 44,000 – KSh. 46,000
  • HP Refurbished EliteBook Folio 9480M – 14″ – Core I7 – 500GB/8GB RAM – KSh. 42,000 – KSh. 45,000
  • HP Folio 9470m Refurbished EliteBook G1 14″ Intel Core I7 8GB RAM 500GB HDD – KSh. 40,000 – KSh. 42,500

From the prices above, we can see that refurbished Core I7 laptops are far cheaper than expected. Notice that we didn’t put the price of fairly used HP Core i7 Laptops in Kenya. This is because the price depends on the seller and the condition of the laptop. But what is the difference between a refurbished and a new laptop?

Differentiating between a new and refurbished laptop

You must have heard the question asked above so many times. It is very common for laptop users to ask this question. If you have had it all along, here is your answer.

A new laptop is one that hasn’t been used since it was produced by the company. This is very easy to understand. They are usually costlier and are the most reliable. We will always advise that if you can afford one, go for a new laptop.

Refurbished laptops are mostly confused with used laptops. In the actual sense, they are quite different. Used laptops are bought from one owner and sold directly to another. In some cases, it is a direct exchange between the previous and new owners.

Refurbished laptops are those used laptops that are returned to the manufacturer or retailer. The reason for the return is usually to get a refund because of slight defects or not meeting expectations. The manufacturer then works on the defective parts or components and passes them through several tests. After this, they resell the laptops.

Should you buy a refurbished HP Core i7 Laptop?

Yes, you can. However, you should only invest in a unit that you can trust the manufacturer. Most top computer manufacturers like HP can be trusted with refurbished laptops. This is because they ensure that a lot of work goes into fixing the issues with the laptops before reselling. 

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