If you are looking to acquire a brick making machine that is absolutely reliable and efficient, it is hard to look beyond the Makiga machine. Known for its durability, reliability, and absolute efficiency, the Makiga machine has built a strong reputation in Kenya that rates it among the very best in Kenya today. Like some of the top-rated brick making machine brands in Kenya, Makiga manufactures only a few types of brick making machines, which ensures they deliver the very best of these machines.

The interlock pavers are widely considered among the most aesthetic and reliable options for pavements and compound floors in recent times. They are stronger than most other types of flooring materials and have over time proven to be reliable and durable.

makiga machine prices in kenya

With the increase in the rate of demand for these machines today, Makiga has ensured to deliver only the very best brick making machine to the market. If you are a consistent follower of the construction industry in Kenya, the efficiency, durability, and overall functionality of the Makiga machine shouldn’t be news to you. Apart from the fact that they boast one of the largest brick making machine industries in Kenya, they are highly rated in the whole of east Africa.

Makiga machines are available in different types and ranges. Although most of their machines maintain the same shape and most times, sizes, they slightly vary in functionality. The size of the machine you are picking determines the number of bricks that can be produced per time. Generally, the higher the number of bricks that can be manufactured per time, the more expensive the machine.

One of the most talked-about topics about the Makiga machines is how much it goes for in the market. With the growing discussion about the prices of the machines, it is important to take a look at how much they actually go for in the current market in Kenya. We will also consider how the machine can be gotten and things you will like and might not like about the Makiga machine. Let’s get started.

Prices of Brand New Makiga Machines in Kenya

The average starting price for a brand new Makiga machine is  KES 419,000, depending on the type, size, place, and purchase period. The machines are usually cheaper when purchased directly from the manufacturing company or distributors.

Prices of Used Makiga Machines in Kenya

Makiga brick-making machines are solid and durable, which makes the used version a reasonable alternative to brand new ones. The machines are built to last for a long time and maintain their efficiency regardless of how long it has been used, provided it remains in a steady working condition. While used versions may not be as neat as the brand new equivalent, they most likely boast almost the same efficiency and general functionality.

The average starting price for a used Makiga machine is KES 250,000. However, the price depends on many factors, including the condition of the engine, the size, type, seller, and location of purchase.

Things You Will Like About Makiga Machines

Makiga brick making machines are among the most sought after in the market today. They have strategically distinguished themselves in the construction equipment market and have placed themselves in a class only they can surpass as it stands. Their machines, irrespective of the type, size, and functionality guarantee absolute value for your money. Here are some of the factors that make them highly rated.

  • Great Efficiency: If you desire a brick making machine that is highly efficient and can work round the clock without any serious issues, then you should strongly consider this machine. Apart from the fact that it produces solid and reliable bricks, it does this in very little time.
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike some other brick making machines, the Makiga is relatively easy to maintain. It does not require so much expertise to fix little mechanical issues and the spare parts are readily available.
  • Easy to Use: Here is one factor that gives this machine an edge over several other brands. The Makiga brick making machine is easy to control and use. It comes with a manual that is highly comprehensive. You wouldn’t need to know everything about the machine before you can use it. Just ensure you get the basic knowledge about its functionality and ensure the settings are appropriate, then you are good to go.
  • Durable: You can comfortably use the Makiga machine for a long period of time without any serious issues. The machine is built in such a way as to withstand changes in weather conditions. When used properly, you can be sure of the same efficiency for a reasonable period of time, a factor that enhances its second-hand value.

Things You May Not Like About Makiga Machines

  • Not Pocket Friendly: While the machine maintains so much value for money, it is relatively expensive. In fact, it rates among the most expensive brick making machines in Kenya. It is also quite expensive to maintain. Although maintenance itself is easy, whenever there are mechanical issues, the spare parts are expensive to replace. The Makiga machine still deserves the accolades though, it offers great value for your money.

Prices of Other Machines in Kenya

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