Playstation 3 Price In Kenya (2021)

PlayStation 3 is a home video game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It succeeded the PlayStation 2 and was first released in Japan on November 11, 2006. PS3 is commonly called a games console that plays video games while connected to your television. PlayStation 3 comes in different sizes and prices in Kenya and worldwide.

Playstation 3 Price In Kenya

Dull and unexciting moments have been eradicated from homes and offices since the introduction of the PS3 video game. PlayStation 3 is a fascinating and fun-filled video game with bright pictures and other unique features that makes gaming more enjoyable. 

Unique Features of PS3

PlayStation 3 is quite different from other video games because it has terrific and striking features that make it unique. These features include;

  • The PS3 was the first console to produce a full 1080p High Definition (HD) image, which gives it a clearer picture on a television screen.
  • The PS3 is the only game console currently available to play high-definition Blu-ray discs, the successor to DVDs.
  • It has different and variable games, including the popular Uncharted action and the Gran Turismo driving games, God of War. It can also call PS1 games.
  • PS3 allows users to download smaller games and also play over the internet against others. It also has free online Functions.
  • It is the most powerful computer hardware powers it compared to others.

Playstation 3 Price In Kenya

PlayStation 3 comes at different prices, sizes, and models in the Sony computer entertainment industry. This article lists the different Sony PS3 products available in various stores in and outside Kenya.


Features: 80GB, Japan shipped, excellent condition working.

Color: Ceramic White.

Price: KSh 22,318.9.

  • SONY PlayStation3 PS3 FAT CECHA00 NTSC-J

Features: 60GB, Backwards compatible.   

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 30,132.

  • Sony Playstation 3 JB PS3 GTA V & B02 

Features: 80 GB, Online Ready, Fast Shipping.

Color: Red.

Price: KSh 23,436. 

  • Sony Play Station 3 PS3 FAT Model CECHK01

Features: Game Console Bundle with Lot 4 Games, 80GB.

Color: Black. 

Price: KSh 24,325.5. 

  • Sony PlayStation 3 CECH-A01 Console  

Features: 60GB, Backwards Compatible ps1 & ps2.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 16,740.


Features: 40GB, from Japan game Rare.

Color: Satin Silver.  

Price: KSh 14,506.9.

  • PS3 Console CECH-3001B

Features: 5 games, two controllers w, 1 Cable Firmware Ver. 4.65.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 12,276. 

  • Infamous 2 Hero Edition Collectors PS3

Features: PS3 Rare, 60GB.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 21,378.

  • PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII-2

Features: Lightning ED. VER, 2 VGA, 85+, New archiver case.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 15,846.084. 

  • Sony PlayStation 3 Ni no Kuni Magical Edition Console NTSC-J 

Features: 4 disks from Japan, offers seamless game experience, 160 GB hard drive. 

Color: Black, cream brown. 

Price: KSh 31,136.4. 

  • Sony PlayStation 3 (CECH-2500B)

Features: 320GB, HDMI connectivity.

Color: Charcoal Black.  

Price: KSh 66,858.444. 

  • Boxed Sony Playstation 3 Console CECHK02 

Features: 80GB, 2x Controllers, 10x Games, HDMI connectivity, 1080p resolution for brighter pictures.

Color: Black. 

Price: KSh 21,779.856. 

  • Playstation 3 Sony Console

Features: with over 50 Games, Controller Guitar, All Cables.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 39,058.9. 

  • Playstation 3 CECHC04  

Features: 18 Games, 60GB, Backwards compatible (EU ver CECHC02) with USB and Ps2, motorized slot-loading disc cover, 5kg weight.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 36,159.5. 


PlayStation 3 is a fun-filled video game that engages the user entirely because of its unique characteristics. These products can be bought as brand new or legally used in different online and offline stores Nationwide. 

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