Balenciaga Shoe Prices in Kenya (2021)

The shoe industry has made exceptional growth by having top producing brands satisfy the taste of customers over the years. Balenciaga is one of such brands that have topped the chart through hard work and dedication. This company has left customers feeling elegant with their luxurious lines of male and female shoes, all of which will be discussed in this article.

Prices of Balenciaga Shoes in Kenya

  • Balenciaga Tripple S Clear Sole: 3,000 Ksh to 3,500 Ksh 
  • Balenciaga Tripple S: 3,250 Ksh to 5,800 Ksh 
  • Balenciaga Track: 7,699 Ksh to 10,800 Ksh 
  • Balenciaga Socks Shoe: 3,400 Ksh to 3,500 Ksh  
  • Airforce Balenciaga: 3,399 Ksh to 3,500 Ksh
  • Balenciaga Track 2: 7,699 Ksh to 10,800 Ksh
  • SELECCION Balenciaga Sneakers: 2,500 Ksh to 3,200 Ksh. 

Balenciaga Shoe Prices in Kenya

Features of Balenciaga Shoes

Balenciaga shoes are unique in all ramifications. They are designed to be comfortable, durable, grand, and are incorporated from the best materials. For this luxurious brand, customer satisfaction is their ought most priority. Let’s take an insight into these shoes! 

  • Balenciaga Tripple S Clear Sole

This is an upgraded version of the Balenciaga Tripple S. It’s consists of a layered TPU sole, embellished logo at one end, bicolor laces, and heel pull tabs. 

  • Balenciaga Tripple S

This shoe hit the market in 2017. The most notable feature is the sole made from a combination of three soles – the middle layer having a fine mesh that is tender to the feet. 

  • Balenciaga Track 2

The Balenciaga Track 2 encompasses various versions like the Balenciaga Track 2 Multi. Each version possesses unique features that stand out from the other in shape, color, texture, and ability. 

  • Balenciaga Track

This shoe was released in September of 2018 with unique features ranging from synthetic leather and mesh construction to an overlapping protective panel to an enhanced sole and heel pull. Improved versions of the Balenciaga Track like the Balenciaga Track Bred, Balenciaga Track LED, and Balenciaga Track Trainer has been released.

  • Balenciaga Socks Shoes

Balenciaga produced this shoe in various eye-catching colors, models, shapes, and sizes. The Balenciaga Socks Shoe comprises of a 3D-knitted sock upper unit, a lightweight sole unit, and a framework of fine mesh middle unit. 

  • Balenciaga Speed Trainers

The Balenciaga speed trainer is an athlete’s best bet, and it is known for its cool features and ability. It comprises of a sock-like upper layer, a white-colored midsole, and a touch of the black rubber outsole. 


Price Determinant of Balenciaga Shoes

  • Demand

The demand for a particular product can affect the prices of shoes positively or negatively.

  • Supply

Assuming the supply of a particular commodity is more than the demand, the price of the shoe may reduce and vice versa. 

  • Cost of production

They always add the cost of production to the sales price in a bid for manufacturers not to run into a budget deficit. Therefore, if they elevate the cost of production, prices increase similarly. 

  • Monopoly

Monopolizing a product will certainly lead to an increase in price and demand in the market. 

Easy Maintenance Tips for You. 

  • Do not wash your Balenciaga with a washer. Submerging it in water can cause damage. The best way to get rid of stains is to wash with a towel or soft brush and mild soap. 
  • Ensure cleaning the shoe after a long day. Leaving the dirt on the shoe can cause permanent stains. 
  • If the shoe will not be in use for a while, wrap them up and store them in a dry place. 
  • Maintaining a good posture while wearing the shoe goes a long way in securing its durability. 

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