Bridgestone’s commitment to excellence marks them as leaders in quality, durability, and consistent technological advancement. With more than 50 different production facilities and thousands of employees, the Bridgestone Corporation is now a global family. 

They have fitting tyres for every driver, including drivers seeking more extended mileage warranty, fuel efficiency, traction on dry or wet roads, etc. Moreover, Bridgestone believes in every customer having a performance tire.  Here, we will examine some of Bridgestone’s popular tires and their price range in the Kenyan market today.

Bridgestone Tyres Price List in Kenya

Prices of New Bridgestone Tyres in Kenya

The following is a comprehensive list of the average prices of numerous types of Bridgestone Tyres in Kenya:

  • 225/65r17 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 23,000
  • 205/70r15 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 18,500
  • 205/65r15 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 13,700
  • 215/65r15 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 14,900
  • 265/70r15 A/T Bridgestone == from KES 24,000
  • 225/45r17 Bridgestone == from  KES 18,000
  • 215/55 R16 Bridgestone Turanza Tyre == from KES 12, 800
  • 195/65r15 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES10,500
  • 235/55r18 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 22,300
  • 265/60r18 Bridgestone Tires Sizes All Terrain == from KES 33,000
  • 245/45/18 Bridgestone Runflat Tyres == from KES 29,500
  • 215/50 R17 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 18,700
  • 225/55r17 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 17,600
  • 205/70r15c Bridgestone Tyre (Duravis) R660==from KES 16,000

Prices of Used Bridgestone Tyres In Kenya

  • 165 R 13 Bridgestone, Toyo, Dunlop X Japan Tyres == from KES 3,700
  • 245/45R17 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 7,999
  • 175/65r15 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 15,500
  • 225/55r18 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 8,600
  • 265/60r18 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 7,500
  • 155/80r14 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 4,000
  • 265/65r17 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 15,700
  • 255/60 R 18 Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 4,600
  • 275/45r20 Bridgestone Tyre == =from KES 12,500
  • 235/55r18 Used Bridgestone Tyre == from KES 5,600


Our Bridgestone tyres selection contains a range of prices to satisfy your need for quality tyres.  This variation in prices is resultant from various factors such as currency exchange, production period, etc. it is therefore logical that you confirm the prices compiled in the market before you purchase one. 

How to Know When it’s Time to Buy New Tyres

There are various ways to examine your tyres, but the best way to know if it’s the right time to buy new vehicle tyres is by allowing a trained professional to inspect them.  The legal standard for a tire tread has to be 1.6mm in depth.  If your tyre is somewhere close to this or does not meet this prerequisite, you will have to change them. For safety and optimal performance should be free of irregular wear and sidewall damage. 

Using visual inspection, you can check your vehicle tyres. Begin with the tread, and sure it’s deep, worn evenly around without any anomalies. DOT-regulated tyres have inclusive wear indicators termed “wear bars”. When the tread is tearing out, it will help you see it. 

The indicators are positioned at different areas all over the tread and will become visible when the tread wear reaches 1.6mm. The side should also be cross-checked, so there is no damage to the sidewall of each tyre.  If your tyre scale through these tests, then you might need to relax. However, It is good that you check the tyres once a month or drive long distances continuously. 

How to Know the Accurate Tyre Size for Your Vehicles

Once it’s time to buy new tyres, you need to be sure of your car tyre sizes. Don’t buy on impulse. Useful information about your tyre size in various places. Your car doorjamb placard is one. You can also check your user’s manual, petrol tank hatch, or the sidewall of your tyres. 


Beyond buying standard tires, selecting fitting tires should also be premised on the customers driving preferences and skills. Begin by examining your habits while driving. Once you understand your vehicle driving needs and things important to you, you can match it up by purchasing Bridgestone tyres in a local shop or online store in Kenya.  

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