Boxer 150 is a bike or motorcycle with an excellent combination of power and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for longer rides and city travels across terrains. Among the 150 cc bikes, boxer 150 is rated high because it’s reliable and rugged styling with better and increased bike performance. Boxer 159 varies in quality and prices in Kenya and worldwide. 

Boxer 150 Prices In Kenya

Boxer 150 is a rigid and inflexible motorcycle. If you think of a bike that can withstand the most challenging roads and can take all loads with ease, think of Boxer 150. It also has increased speed capacity. Boxer 150 is also comfortable with long and broader seats, spring-in-spring suspension (SNS), and higher ground clearance.

Boxer 150 Prices in Kenya

Boxer 150 is available in different qualities and types and at affordable prices. Here is a list of different Boxer 150 bikes and their prices.

Boxer 150 Prices In Kenya 2022

  • Starting price: KES 135,000

Bajaj Boxer BM 150UG

  • Starting Price: KES 130,500

2019 Bajaj Boxer 150 X 

  • Starting Price: KES 124,700

Boxer CR 150 Bajaj

  • Starting Price: KSh129,000.

Bajaj Boxer 150 Cafe Racer

  • Starting Price: KSh136,000

The above are the average starting prices for these bikes. The prices can fluctuate depending on the seller and the location.

Features of Boxer 150  

Boxer 150 has the following features that rate it high amongst all other 150 cc bikes.

  • Performance: The Boxer 150 has a naturally cooled four-stroke engine that ensures that the bike doesn’t overheat. It is power and fuel-efficient with 12 Ps power at 7500rpm with a torque of 12.26 Nm at 5000rpm. It has a battery of 12V, 5Ah, MF and can take the toughest of roads and still be efficient in performance.
  • Safety: Boxer 150 is designed to deliver a safe ride despite taking the most challenging roads. It has a long wheelbase of 1285 mm, which enables stability. It also has 35 W headlamps that project a wider area of light, making night rides safe for both riders and pillions. Boxer 150 also has shoe type brakes that expand mechanically, bringing about effective and efficient braking.
  • Styling: Boxer 150 has 17 inches alloy wheels with athletic designs. It comes with a seat made of steel with shrouded headlamps making it classic. All these features give it a muscular structure that makes it stylish, traditional, and durable.
  • Comfort: Boxer has an electric start with SNS rear suspension and the highest ground clearance. It also has longer and broader seats that are well-padded, providing comfort to both the rider and pillion.

Sales of Boxer 150 

Despite the great features and rigid nature of the Boxer 150 bike, it did not make great sales. Boxer 150 beats almost all of its competitors in standard, style, performance, engine quality, parts, and physical outlook, yet many sales were not recorded. 

This is because of specific reasons, including soft marketing, brand positioning, and low marketing strategies leading to a reduced advertisement and public notice. 


The Boxer 150 is a robust, robust, and efficient bike. It ensures safety and protection with its grip tires and strong brake pads that can withstand different unfavorable conditions. It also has extra-long seats, a strong battery, healthy and shiny headlamps, stylish and comfortable. It could be purchased online or offline as a new or legally used product.

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