Maintaining a car is not one of those tasks people enjoy doing. They see it as a daunting task primarily because it is time and effort consuming and most others feel they wouldn’t be able to clean the car as effective as they would love. This has opened a large market for loads of businesses, starting up low-scale and high-scale car wash companies.

While some car wash companies have decided to go more tech-based to enhance their productivity and effectively manage their time and effort, some others still go manual, reducing productivity and ultimately consuming more time.

car wash machine prices in kenya

For this reason, car owners and auto clean professionals are constantly on the lookout for efficient car washing equipment that will help simplify the cleaning operations and significantly reduce the time required for the job as well. Thankfully, a lot of brands now offer an exciting range of powerful and feature-rich machines specifically designed for both semi-auto and auto wash applications.

Car wash machines are now available in different types. They vary in shapes, sizes, functionality, and mode of operation. In fact, the Kenyan market no boasts various models and series of car wash equipment. Gone are the days when the country was restricted to only a particular type of car wash machines.

Today, you might even be confused about which exact type to pick and which is most appropriate for your situation. For instance, if the car wash machine is for your personal use, you wouldn’t go for an industrial car wash machine. But if you run a car wash company, it might be better to go for a bigger, more durable, and more efficient machine.

It is now easier than ever before to purchase quality car wash equipment, at affordable prices. The online stores and websites of prominent brands feature their various types of car wash machines under various categories. You can easily surf through these machines, compare prices and features, and go for one that is convenient and appropriate for you.

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of car wash machines in Kenya today, considering how many brand new and used versions go for. We will also consider the basic features to check out for when buying one.

Prices of Brand new Car Wash Machines in Kenya

On average, a brand new car wash machine can be purchased for anything from KSh 45,000. The major determinants of the machine price are the manufacturer and the Machine’s PSI rating. For clarity and simplicity of costs, below are the average prices of brand new car wash machines in Kenya:

  • Pioneer High-Pressure Washing Machine 3200psi == from KSh 69,000
  • Tamashi Japan 3400 PSI High-Pressure Wash
  • Machine == from KSh 61,599
  • Pacwell 2320 Psi == from Ksh 27,000
  • Tamashii Electric High-Pressure Wash Machine 1450psi/100bar == from KSh 36,000
  • Hisaki 3450 Psi  == from Ksh 82,000
  • Rhino 3450 Psi  == from Ksh 72,500
  • Pacwell 2700 Psi == from Ksh 61,500
  • Pioneer 2000 Psi == from Ksh 49,900
  • Pioneer 3450 Psi  == from Ksh 87,000
  • Pacwell 3450 Psi  == from Ksh 75,000

Prices of Used Car Wash Machines in Kenya

On average, used car wash machines range between Ksh 22,000 and Ksh 35,000 depending on the model, type, size, and condition of the machine.

Car wash machines are available in different types and classes. They vary in sizes, features, mode of operation, functionality, efficiency, and of course, prices. With the car wash business market expanding drastically in Kenya, lots of manufacturers have come up with more scintillating car wash machine designs, varying from small to large scale in terms of efficiency.

It should be noted that car wash machines used for commercial purposes are usually more expensive than the ones used for personal purposes. Also, the PSI rating of the machine strongly affects the prices of the machines. The OSI rating determines the efficiency and functionality.

Car wash machines can be purchased directly from the manufacturers and also available in local stores across the country. For convenience, they can also be gotten directly from online stores and shipped to various parts of the country. On average, a brand new car wash machine can be purchased for anything between Ksh33,000 and Ksh 85,000 depending on the PSI rating, size, type, mode of operation, and brand. Machines with PSI rating around 2700 psi costs between Ksh33,000 and Ksh 60,000 while those with a higher rating can be purchased between Ksh 50,000 and Ksh 85,000.

Please note that for machines purchased online, shipping fees might be included, thereby altering the price range stated below. Also, the variation in prices is a result of certain factors that include place and period of purchase.

Prices of Used Car Wash Machines in Kenya

Locally used car wash machines are also readily available for purchase in Kenya. Some brands have stamped the last reputation of manufacturing reliable and durable car was machines and these products often have strong second-hand values. While they might not be as sleek and neat as the brand new counterpart, there is no doubting their performance and overall functionality, provided they are still in great condition.

Just like the brand new versions, the used car wash machines vary in types and sizes and also differ in how much they go for in the market. On average, used car wash machines range between Ksh15,000 and Ksh40,000 depending on the model, type, size, and condition of the machine.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Wash Machine

Car wash machines are one of the most important car wash equipment. Thanks to advanced technology these days, these machines are readily available everywhere. The problem is not where to buy the machines, it is knowing the right type and spec to buy. There are various types of car wash machines today. They vary in features, sizes, qualities, ease of use, mode of operation, and other similar factors. The various types and options available today have only made it difficult to know the exact machine to buy. Before you buy a car wash machine, it is essential you consider some basic factors so as to streamline your options and eventually pick the best fit for you. Some of these factors include

  • Consider The Type You Need: This should be the first factor you consider. Car wash machines are available in different types and it is essential you pick the exact type you need. You can always decide to go for one with higher psi if you want it for commercial purposes or as well go for a machine with moderate psi if you need it for personal use.
  • Consider the Brand: In this case, brand matters. Some brands have established themselves as the very best in the market and it is usually safe to go for these options.
  • Consider Your Budget: Consider how much you want to spend on the machine and go for the ones that meet your budget. The most expensive machines might not be the best for your situation anyway.

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