Generators are alternative sources of power and are appliances that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for use in homes, offices, and many more. They supply electricity during power failure or outage, thereby averting the interruption of individual and business operations.  

Generator Prices in Kenya

In this article, you will find information on the prices of petroleum and diesel power generators available in Kenya. However, generator prices may differ depending on your location in Kenya. Generator prices may also vary with the functionality of the power generator or its manufacturing brand.

Popular brands of generators in Kenya include Dayliff, Honda, Kingmax, Shineray, Aerobs, United Power, Tiger, SkyGo, Aico, K-Power, Euromax, Lifan, and so on.

Prices of Generator In Kenya By Brand ([year])

The following are the prices of Generator by brand in Kenya.

Hisaki Generator Prices in Kenya

  • Hisaki 9.4 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 95,000
  • Hisaki 8.1 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 84,000
  • Hisaki 6.9 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 79,000
  • Hisaki 3.5 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 42,000
  • Hisaki 2.8 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 38,000

Honda Generator Prices in Kenya

  • Honda EZ3000CX 2.5kva == from  KES 69,000
  • Honda EM3600EX 2.8kva == from KES 90,200
  • Honda EM8000ETS 6.5kva == from KES 167,000

Pacwell Generator Prices in Kenya

  • Pacwell 1.2 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 32,000
  • Pacwell 2.5 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 48,000
  • Pacwell 6.5 kva Petrol Generators == from KES  79,000
  • Pacwell 3.5 kva Petrol Generators == from KES 56,000

AICO Generator Prices in Kenya

  • AICO 1ka Petrol Generators == from KES 25,000
  • AICO 2.5kva Petrol Generators == from KES 32,000
  • AICO 3.0kva Petrol Generators == from KES 37,000

Prices of Generator In Kenya By Brand (2021)

If you are looking to purchase a generator, below are some standard generators’ prices in Kenya by brand.

Dayliff Generator Prices

Below are Dayliff generator prices in Kenya, including VAT.

Dayliff DG 950P 0.65kVA – KSh12,000 to KSh15,000

Dayliff DG 1200P 1kVA – KSh22,000 to KSh25,000

Dayliff DG 3000P 2.5kVA – KSh25,000 to KSh32,000

Dayliff DG 5000P 4kVA – KSh55,000 to KSh65,000

Dayliff DG 3800P 3.2kVA – KSh58,000 to KSh61,000

Dayliff DG6500PT 5kVA – KSh88,000 to KSh107,000

Dayliff DG 7500P 6kVA – KSh60,000 to KSh70,000

Dayliff DG6000D 4.5kVA – KSh130,000 to KSh140,000

Dayliff DG6000DS 4.5kVA – KSh190,000 to KSh215,000

Kingmax Generator Prices

Below are Kingmax generator Prices in Kenya excluding VAT.

Kingmax 1500 1kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh14,000 to KSh20,000

Kingmax 1800 1kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh15,000 to KSh20,000

Kingmax 2200 1kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh17,000 to KSh22,000

Kingmax 4200 1.2kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh12,000 to KSh17,000

Kingmax 4600 2.4kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh19,000 to KSh25,000

Kingmax 6500 5.5kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh50,000 to KSh55,000

Kingmax 9500 8kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh70,000 to KSh77,000

Honda Generator Prices 

Below are Honda generator prices in Kenya excluding VAT.

Honda EP1000CX – KSh15,000 to KSh20,000

Honda EP 5000CLE – KSh25,000 to KSh32,000

Honda EP5500 – KSh30,000 to KSh37,000

Honda EP6500CX – KSh35,000 to KSh40,000

Honda EP1000 850W Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh45,000 to KSh50,000

Honda EG1000 750W Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh40,000 to KSh45,000

Honda 3.5kVA – KSh30,000 to KSh40,000

Honda 5.5kVA – KSh36,000 to KSh42,000

Honda FA3000 2.5kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh47,000 to KSh53,000

Honda EB2200 1.9kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh62,000 to KSh70,000

Honda EZ6500 Generator Petrol Generator – KSh115,000 to KSh125,000

Honda GX630 11kVA – KSh395,000 to KSh405,000

Shineray Generator Prices

Below are Shineray generator prices in Kenya.

Shineray SRGE 1500 Generator – KSh20,000 to KSh27,000

Shineray SRGE 2000 – KSh26,000 to KSh35,000

Shineray SRGE 3500 – KSh30,000 to KS40,000

Shineray SRGE 6500 – KSh62,000 to KSh70,000

Shineray SRGE 12000E – KSh240,000 to KSh250,000

Aerobs Generator Prices

Below are Aerobs generator prices in Kenya.

Aerobs 1500 1.2kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh19,000 to KSh25,000

Aerobs 2500 2.2kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh29,000 to KSh35,000

Aerobs 2500E 2.2kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh32,000 to KSh38,000

Aerobs 3500E 3kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh35,000 to KSh42,000

Aerobs 6500E 5.5kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh65,000 to KSh75,000

Aerobs 8000E 6.5kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh79,000 to KSh85,000

Aerobs 9500E 8kVA Four Stroke Generator – KSh99,000 to KSh106,000

United Power Generator Prices

Below are United Power generator prices in Kenya.

United Power 4600 Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh45,000 to KSh55,000

United Power 6300 6kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh58,000 to KSh66,000

United Power 7300 7kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh64,000 to KSh70,000

Tiger Generator Prices

Below are Tiger generator prices in Kenya.

Tiger TG950 600W Two Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh7,000 to KSh10,000

Tiger TNG1500 1.1kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh15,000 to KSh20,000

SkyGo Generator Prices

SkyGo 1kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh17,000 to KSh21,000

SkyGo 2kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh24,000 to KSh29,000

SkyGo 2.8kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh31,000 to KSh37,000

SkyGo 5kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh52,000 to KSh57,000

SkyGo 7kVA Four Stroke Petrol Generator – KSh65,000 to KSh70,000

Generators provide temporary or short-term electrical power and should be used for hours and not days. The amount of electricity a generator can supply depends on its wattage (in watts, VA, or kVA). The higher a generator’s capacity in watts or VA, the more electricity it can supply and the more gasoline or diesel needed to fuel it and vice versa.