Ducati is a luxury Italian brand that makes high-end motorcycles. The motorcycles are named the Lamborghini and Ferrari of motorcycles not because the parent organization is Lamborghini but for their quality and the high level of detail put into the production.

Each is named with monikers to pay homage to the company’s historical value. The bikes are famous for being fantastic,  fast, and reliable. Multiple bikes are in the brand’s lineup, each offering exceptional benefits. However, it could be convincing and tedious to keep up with the bikes and their respective prices.

ducati prices in kenya

This article will ease your stress and clarify your doubts. Follow along as we provide the latest prices of these bikes in Kenya.

Prices Of Ducati Prices in Kenya

There are many Ducati bikes available in Kenya motorcycle markets. You’ll find good and excellent deals across the country depending on where you stay. The key is to do enough due diligence and compare several motorcycle prices before buying one. Generally, below are the latest starting price of some Ducati bikes:

  • Ducati Panigale V4 == from KES 3,500,000
  • Ducati Multistrada V4 S == from KES 2,900,000
  • Ducati XDiavel Black Star == from KES 2,800,000
  • Ducati Diavel == from KES 2,300,000
  • Ducati Scrambler == from KES 1,400,000
  • Ducati Hypermotard == from 1,800,000
  • Ducati Supersport == from 1,400,000

Which Is The Cheapest Ducati Motorcycle?

If you’re seeking a low-budget Ducati price, you should consider the Ducati Monster. It’s Ducati entry-level bike and comes at a low cost. Don’t be mistaken, the low price doesn’t depict the motorcycle as a slouch. It’s a great bike that finds a good balance between outstanding performance and affordable price.

The Ducati Monster is a light bike that offers massive power. Its small size makes it comfortable to handle by any echelon of biker. It has a weight of 366pound and adjustable seat height for easy riding.

It is powered by an engine that has three unique riding modes: Urban, Touring, and Sport, each allowing the rider to take complete charge of their riding experience wholly.

The engine is an exceptional liquid-cooled engine that provides plenty of force when riding along a steep hill.  Other bike features include the bison-back fuel tank, the latest quick-shifter, and a round headlight.

Why Are Ducati Bikes Expensive?

If you scrutinize the Ducati’s bike lineup, you’ll realize that the average starting price is more than any regular bike price. Ducati bikes are relatively pricier. They are all exceptional bikes with excellent power outputs and features that complement the high prices. However, they are not accessible to the average person.

These bikes are expensive because they are not regular bikes. Since its establishment, Ducati has posed itself as an exclusive brand. This exclusivity is what people are paying for

The target market is always the high-end European market. The company has high prices because its products are aimed at the high-end market.

As such, The company uses expensive materials to build its bikes and maintain their premium standard. The inbuilt technology Ducati uses is way more advanced than in many bikes.

Furthermore, each bike model is made in a limited edition. They are handmade in Bologna, Italy, where veteran workers carefully craft them before release. Generally, Italian are veterans of anything automotive.

Ducati motorcycles are developed for street and racing. They are affiliated with supersport bikes, elegant cruisers, and racing bikes. Ducati bikes are proven fast bikes. They have been used for winning numerous race competitions. So if you’re paying extra money to get these Italian machines, you sure will be getting a faster bike compared to the average ones.

Ducati bikes are fast, fabulous, and made with expensive materials and the latest technology. They are also produced in limited numbers. The cumulative effects of all these factors are why the bikes retail high.

Features Of Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati motorcycles’ main characteristic features developed through racing. The best-known feature is the desmodromic valves. Ducati motorcycles are always linked to the racing world.  The motorcycles have won numerous championships, especially in the superbike series.

Ducati’s engines are the primary attributes that differentiate it from others. Most modern engines have a camshaft that accesses the combustion chamber’s valves before springs force them to close. However, early springs were built with substandard metal. When the bikes are at high speeds, the springs can break or fail.

The Ducati’s engines are different in this case. The springs are replaced with solid arms and lobed cams to eradicate this problem. Even though this system is one of the significant reasons Ducati’s bikes are costly, it’s a Ducati Trademark.

Maintaining a Ducati Bike

For most people considering buying the Ducati bike, their utmost worry is the cost of maintaining the bike. The stereotype is that the bikes are expensive to maintain because of the costly spare parts. While some agree that the expensive talks are myths, others relate to the experience.

Are Ducati bikes expensive to maintain?  The answer depends. The term expensive is relative. While most users claim the maintenance cost is beyond expectation, some are okay with the price or even consider it moderately low.

One thing is sure, Ducati bikes are luxurious assets. For high-end assets like Ducati, it’s not surprising that the bike’s maintenance comes with a hefty bill. We can agree that higher prices equate to higher costs. However, most users who claim the bikes are expensive to maintain also attest that they are worth it.

Should You Buy a Ducati?

Ducati bikes are tagged the “Lamborghini of bikes.” They are luxury bikes beautifully crafted with unique materials. It’s a known fact that the bikes are prestigious, excellent, and fast. Hence, they come with extra bucks for people who want to own them.

If you want a Ducati bike and can afford it, it’s an excellent choice to have one. However, taking deep scrutiny, it won’t be presumptuous to agree with some fractions who regard the bikes as expensive pieces of scrab. The reason is that many brands make the same quality of bikes and offer them at lower prices. The costly prices of Ducatis are mere results of the brand name.