Tuk Tuk Prices in Kenya (December 2023)

Transportation is a vital human activity. People need to move from place to place to attain their desired goals. The transport system of every country seeks to ensure the easy movement of people to their favorite destination without hassle.

In Kenya, Tuk Tuk is one of the reliable transportation systems, especially in big cities, as they’re considered safer than Boda Bodas. A Tuk Tuk is a vehicle with three tires that carries passengers over a short and moderately far distance. Important to say,  The Tuk Tuk business seems to be a profitable and promising one in Kenya.

If you’re looking for the latest price of Tuk Tuk in Kenya, this article will be your haven. This article contains the comprehensive prices of Tuk Tuk brands in Kenya plus other valuable information.

tuk tuk prices in kenya

Whether you want to get a Tuk Tuk for business or personal use, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Cost Of Tuk Tuk In Kenya

The primary determinant of Tuk Tuk’s price in Kenya is the brand. This is because each brand offers different features such as durability, engines, luggage capability, and mileage. Many Tuk Tuk brands in Kenya, but Bajaj is the most popular and preferred. Below are some of the Tuk Tuks brands with their respective brand new prices:

  • Bajaj Tuk Tuk == from 400,000
  • Haojin Tuk Tuk == from KES 250,000
  • Piaggio Ape Tuk Tuk == from KES 365,000
  • Cargo Tuk Tuk == from KES 280,000
  • V8 Tuk Tuk == from  KES 430,000.
  • Dayun Tuk Tuk == from KES 260,000.

Price of Used Tuk-Tuk In Kenya

Secondhand Tuk Tuk is also available in Kenya. Depending on the model, you can get these used three-wheelers from KES 120,000.

Price Of Locally Made Tuk Tuk In Kenya

Electric Tuk Tuk is among the few electric automobiles for Kenyans to enjoy. The Tuk Tuk has a charged battery that can travel more than 100km when fully charged.

Even though the spare parts are shipped from Asia, They are assembled in Kenya. They are eco-friendly because they produce clean energy from geothermal and hydroelectricity. The Electric Tuk Tuk can be acquired for a sum of KES 500,000.

Note that the above prices are subjected to certain factors such as brands or models, mileage, place, and time of purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Tuk Tuk

The demand for Tuk Tuk transportation in Kenya has increased drastically after the Covid-19 pandemic. Turk Tuk accommodates only a few people, reducing the chances of spreading Covid. Consequently, the Tuk Tuk transport business has become lucrative, plus it requires little capital to begin.

If you want to venture into the business, you’ll want to tick every box right. Even though your earnings will largely depend on location, client, and aggressiveness, the type of Tuk Tuk you buy is also a contributing factor.

Many different brands of Tuk Tuk are saturated in the market. They come in numerous different designs, types, and variations. The variations include the body design, engine, and mileage. Choosing the right one to buy can be a difficult decision. So, you’ll need valuable information to aid your decision.

Before buying a Tuk Tuk, there are specific questions to answer. These questions vary depending on your reasons for wanting to buy a Tuk Tuk. For business needs, certain factors such as speed and mileage, engine type, fuel consumption, and luggage capacity are things to prioritize.

Bajaj and Piaggio Ape Tuk Tuk are famous for averaging the top speed of any brand. Attractiveness should not be forgotten too. Some brands come in different colors, such as blue, red, yellow, and white.

To opt for a petrol or diesel engine is among the things to consider before buying a Tuk Tuk. For clarity’s sake, your answer will depend on many things.

The cost of maintaining and running the two differs. There’s a significant difference in fuel consumption. Diesel engines are economical because they use less fuel per kilometer traveled than petrol engines. They use way less and sometimes as little as average. Moreover, diesel is cheaper than petrol in the market, so diesel engines are superior concerning the cost of running it.

With regards to maintenance, petrol engines have it. Generally, Diesel engine spare parts are more expensive. This is because they are produced with complex and heavy materials. As such, the high cost of production, in turn, affects the spare part price. If your Tuk Tuk uses a diesel engine for operation, be prepared for regular servicing.

Moving on, Both seem to overweight each other in certain aspects. Diesel engines are cheaper to run but more expensive to maintain. Petrol engines exhibit opposite attributes. It’s a tie here. To break the tie, you’ll need to consider the mileage, type of passenger, and luggage your Tuk Tuk will carry.

If your target markets are passengers with average luggage, opting for a petrol engine will be the ideal choice. If your potential passengers are ones with heavy luggage, a diesel engine is your go-to option. We’ll explain the reasons in a second.

Heavy loads mean heavy vehicles. Diesel engines deliver greater pulling power with less fuel economy.  They produce more mileage on fuel compared to petrol engines. Petrol engines have less noise but not as much pulling power as diesel engines.

In summary, Petrol engines are easier to drive and maintain since they are lighter. Diesel engines deliver great pulling power at lower speeds and have better fuel consumption, thus economical. With these points in mind, it’s become easier to choose between the two engines depending on your budget, target markets, and preference.