This time has come to move from the inconvenience of tangled wires and transfer to wireless accessories. It’s no doubt that earbuds are the present and future of audio devices.

Evidently, earphones and headphone jack devices are becoming obsolete, and there has been more production of earbuds in the past few years.

Earbuds considerably make listening to music and making calls easier. Many Earbuds brands are available in Kenya Market now.

earbuds prices in kenya

If you’re unsure of the prices of these Earbuds in Kenya, this article is for you. We’ll reveal the prices of all available Earbuds brands in Kenya and the best features to look out for in your desired brand.

Prices of Earbuds in Kenya

Earbuds are elegantly designed and contoured to fit the ear and reduce sound loss. Each brand develops products that offer different features and functionality so consumers can enjoy a top-notch wireless listening experience. Some brands are producing earbuds meant to entice people with tight budgets. Below are the prices of popular Earbuds brands in Kenya:

  • Apple Airpods Pro == from KES 22,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 == from KES 10,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Pro == from KES 12,000
  • Huawei Freepods Pro == from KES 20,000
  • Huawei Freepods == from KES 6,000
  • One plus Buds == from KES 12,500
  • Realme Buds == from KES 4,000

Types Of Earbuds: Which Should You Buy?

Earbuds are the future of audio devices as they conveniently enhance music play and other communication activities. They come in two kinds, with each offering unique attributes.

Depending on your preferences, you have the liberty to choose from the ones that sit in the peripherals of ear cavities or the ones that you can stuff into your ear canals. Both have their pros and cons concerning convenience.  The type that stays in the ear cavity peripherals can result in pain if it stresses the ear foldings because of size, i.e., it’s too big.

On the other hand, the second types have silicon tips that reduce the chances of pain but can be uncomfortable. It can slip out frequently, and the stuffing inside ear canals can be discomforting. However, this type is often preferable because it has a noise-reducing function.

You should know what you want before buying so you won’t waste your hard-earned money. If you commute frequently, you must be aware of your environment. We recommend you not buy the latter type because of its noise-reducing attribute. The former will offer adequate sound without blocking the outside noise, but you might have to increase the volume because of too much noise.

Features Of Good Earbuds

Tech companies are outdoing themselves by increasingly producing the most impressive earbuds in successive attempts. It’s hard to buy subpar earbuds these days.

There are many Earbuds with exclusive features and functionality saturated in the market. You sure want to enjoy these features to the maximum. Below are some features to consider and inspect before buying an earbud:

Design and Comfortability

It’s a no-brainer. The first thing to prioritize in an earbud should be comfort. You don’t want to invest in a heavy item that will hurt your ears. Only then can you enjoy the features it offers to the maximum. There are light and ultra-light wireless earbuds available for purchase.

Classic earbuds have adjustable designs or different size ear-tips to fit any ear. You should consider an earbud that provides customizable options so the design can fit your ear conveniently.

Battery Quality

Earbuds use batteries to function, and the battery life differs across brands and models. The appropriate one will have a strong battery life with a charger port. Generally, the battery life should last you for several hours of playtime. Beyond battery life, some brands offer charging cases too. You should seek to buy earbuds with a charging case as they provide more playing time. However, ensure you only buy the one with a minimum of 4 hours of playtime without the charging case.


Earbuds are a fraction of modern technology still in the making. A modern earbud’s functionality transcends beyond playing music. A standard earbud should have the capability to perform multiple operations apart from music playing.

Some operations include using a microphone for communication, volume control, and Bluetooth connectivity. Importantly, you should be able to control calls(rejecting and answering) with it.  Your earbud should also have a microphone to facilitate call-making and efficient communication.

An exceptional earbud should support high-resolution music. Pick an earbud that supports numerous audio codecs without a filter. These audio codecs are what improve your audio experiences. You might also consider buying an earbud with an SD card slot. This will ensure you can plug an external storage device into your earbud and enjoy its content.

Noise Cancellation

Some earbuds have a Noise cancellation feature that filters external sounds and ensures there’s no interference during playtime. The part provides a noise-free music experience and smooth call conversation. It’s a great feature because you’ll enjoy every bass and sound of the music. However, as we’ve established above, it can block your hearings and leave you oblivious of the surrounding environment.


If your earbud is multifunctional, it should have controls to navigate these functions. A sound earbud will be designed to make the controls straightforward and user-friendly. These controls will be in the form of buttons, pads, or dials. They include but are not limited to volume control, call control, and Bluetooth switch. These features are rarely available in budget earbuds, so you should consider investing in mid-range or premium earbuds.

Audio Quality

Excellent audio quality is another attribute to enjoy from an earbud. This attribute is dependent on the driver size. A big driver will provide great bass and thus fantastic audio output.  Whichever earbuds you will buy, Inspect the driver’s size. The bigger the driver, the better the audio production. It’s a spec of the earbuds, usually in millimeters (MM).