It’s a dream of an average Kenyan to own a car. However, the type of car to purchase is dependent on the pocket size. The class doesn’t necessarily matter sometimes. Owning a car offers comfort during transportation and boosts one’s self-esteem.

Toyota is one of the leading companies that produce affordable yet reliable cars.  Speaking of affordable, the Toyota Probox is one of the cheapest cars to own. Consumer demand for a reliable and affordable multipurpose car gave birth to the production of the Toyota Probox.

The first version was produced in 2002. Since then, there have been many subsequent models of the car, and the latest version is equipped with the latest technology.

toyota probox prices in kenya

If you want to know the price of Toyota Probox in Kenya, read along as we provide the latest prices of Toyota Probox models for both new and used.

Cost Of Toyota Probox in Kenya

Probox, meaning Professional Box, first entered the Japanese market in 2002. It is a five-door and 2-4 seater light commercial van. Daihatsu produces it for Toyota. It is a mini version of the Toyota Succeed, one of the most affordable cars available today. The Toyota Probox entered the Kenyan Market years ago and has become one of the best-sellers.

Cost of New Toyota Probox in Kenya

The prices of Toyota Probox might differ across locations and models. They are imported and have the latest number plate. The latest model of Toyota Probox can be gotten from KES 2 500,000.

Cost Of Used Toyota Probox in Kenya

Used Toyota Pro boxes are imported from Japan, and they usually come in good condition, coupled with the fact that they are affordable. These cars are of high quality, and they meet government standards. They come in different specifications, including interior, mileage, color, and price.

Depending on certain factors such as location and model, you can buy a used Toyota Probox at the following prices:

  • 2015 Toyota Probox == from KES 1,200,000
  • 2016 Toyota Probox == from KES 1,400,000
  • 2017 Toyota Probox == from KES 1,550,000
  • 2018 Toyota Probox == from KES 1,800,000
  • 2019 Toyota Probox == from KES 2,050,000
  • 2020 Toyota Probox == from KES 2,200,000
  • 2021 Toyota Probox == from KES 2,400,000

Note that the above prices depend on the time of purchase, location, car condition, engine capacity, mileage, currency rate, and inflation.

Ensure you patronize a trusted dealer to guarantee a legit purchase. Some fraudsters come to people with their auction sites but vanish after receiving payment.

Toyota Probox Review

The Toyota Probox is not only popular in Kenya but also in some other developing countries across the globe. The car is popular because of the tangible features it offers users at a lesser price point compared to its competitors. We’ll establish some of its components in the next section.


  • Name: Toyota Probox
  • Manufacturer: Daihatsu
  • Body style
  • 5-door station wagon/van
  • Drive Type: AWD/FF
  • Fuel Consumption: 13 – 19km/L
  • Horsepower: 72-109ps
  • Tank capacity: 50L
  • Number of Seats: 5
  • Acceleration: 100mkm/h in 13sec for 1300cc. 11.7sec for 1500cc

Key Features of Toyota Probox

  • Multipurpose and reliable car
  • Easy to maintain and drive
  • Great fuel consumption
  • Good value for money
  • Many helpful safety features
  • Incredible horsepower for fast movement
  • Safety features include airbags, side-impact bar, centralized door lock, and Rear ELR3 point.

The Toyota Probox features All-Wheel-Drive, making it suitable for bad road networks. As such, it’s a good fit for most roads in Kenya. The AWD makes it perfect for Slippery roads. It also has the Front-Wheel Drive or Front-Engine model, which gives better fuel consumption.

Probox Engine

There are two possible types of engine in a Probox. The first generation engine in a Probox was used in models between 2002-2014. Subsequent versions of the car have an NCP150 engine which comes in two variants: 1300cc and 1500cc.

The engines are combined with a four-speed automatic transmission or five-speed manual transmission, as the case may be. The 1300cc variants have the best fuel consumption, but the speed is compromised.  Generally, Probox cars are fuel-efficient, especially the new model that can travel about 15km with a liter of petrol.


As the name implies, the Probox exterior best description is a box. The box has different variants, including white, grey, and black.  It has 13-inch steel rims with halogen headlamps that are visible. The ground clearance is relatively low but can be adjusted appropriately to cater to most bad roads.

Probox has a unique interior that accommodates passengers and luggage. Both versions: van and wagon, are designed for commercial purposes. Hence, Space is the priority, and comfort only comes after.

The front row seat has reasonably comfortable seats. Unfortunately, the headrests are fixed and can’t be adjusted, but there is appropriate legroom for passengers occupying the row.

The second row is a bit tight. For large-torsoed passengers, the row is tightly spaced and can be uncomfortable. The 3-seater bench in it is only ideal for short distances. It’s no surprise that traveling in the Probox is not comfortable for most passengers. Vinyl materials are used for making the seat, and the car windows are manual.

Generally, Probox does not promise comfort, space, and legroom for passengers, and they are its significant shortcomings.

Other interior features include power steering, windows, air conditioning, and wheel tilt. The exterior design provides privacy glass, an antilock brake system, and UV cutting glass

Boot Space

What the professional box lacks in legroom and body space, it covers for it in the boot space. For anyone seeking to buy the Probox, a spacious boot is probably their target. Both the van and wagon versions of this car have ample boot space. The back seats are compact, thus freeing up space at the back.

Interestingly, The boot is waterproof and developed with plastic materials. This attribute ensures passengers can carry heavy luggage. Also, The back seats are foldable, which means you can fold them to create more space for luggage.