The gaming business has been on for decades. A lot of companies have invented several fascinating games in a bid to satisfy the requirements of their customers. However, for some people, no other game outmatches the FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Prices In Kenya

Prices Of FIFA 20 In Kenya

The FIFA 20 video game is available in standard and champion editions. Apart from PlayStation games, you can also buy and play FIFA 20 on Xbox. Below are the average starting prices of every available FIFA 20 game in Kenya

  • FIFA 20 Champions Edition == from KES 8,500
  • FIFA 20 Standard Edition == from KES 5,200
  • EA Sports XB0X ONE FIFA 2022 == from KES 7,500
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Ps FIFA 20 ==from KES 7,000
  • Electronic Arts FIFA 20 – PS4 == from KES  2,750.
  • Xbox One Games for Seal or Exchange == from KES 3,200
  • FIFA 20 PS4 == from KES 6,000
  • FIFA Switch Nintendo ==  from KES 5,500

FIFA 20  Specifications  

The FIFA 20 model has been endowed with breathtaking features. Let’s discuss these specifications! 

  • Defense

FIFA 20 has the A. I defense features like planned tackling mode and one-on-one scenario to make the game more intriguing.  

  • Volta

FIFA also incorporates the Volta football mode specifically for users to customize the appearance of their avatars, change the clothing, hair, and tattoo, as well as the size of the arena. Unfortunately, Volta football mode is only accessible by PC, PS4, and the Xbox One versions of the FIFA 20 game. 

  • Pass

It has improved chances of passing and new features like dinked pass and driven pass- and go. These improvements depend solely on the body situation and pressure situation. 

  • Weather

FIFA 20 improved on the changeable weather option that makes the appearance of the game more realistic while giving an insight into the pitch. 

  • Euro2020

It includes all the UEFA competitions, Europe’s premier club competition, also the European Championships. All to spice things up. 


FIFA 20 has new Icons like Andrea Pirlo, Pep Guardiola, Garrincha, Kenny Dalglish, and the most prominent is the Zinedine Zidane Icon. 


  • Leagues

It includes over 30 official leagues, inclusive of the Romanian Liga I. 

  • Clubs

The game possesses numerous clubs with a lineup of clubs already available in the previous version to make the game more competitive and fun.   

  • Stadium

It comprises 119 stadiums- 90 official and 26 generics -, increasing the total number of venues to 17. 


Editions of FIFA 20

FIFA 20 game is composed of four editions. To be a benefactor of this game, you can purchase any of the editions listed below. 

  • Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is distinguished from its fellow competitors by offering unique features such as 3 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs, five ranges of mid- version ICON items to choose from, and a Special Edition FUT Kits. 

  • Legacy Edition

The legacy edition, also known as the Nintendo Switch, encompasses the Play Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, Kick off, Career Mode, Licensed and Custom Tournaments, Women’s International Cup, Skill Games, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, and Local Seasons. 

  • Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition, on the other hand, comprises an untradeable FUT 20 Ones To Watch Player Item, 24 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs, five varieties of Mid-version Icon Items for 5 FUT matches, and a special Edition FUT Kits. 

  • Champions Edition

The Champions Edition constitutes 12 FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Rare Gold Packs, five options Mid-version Icon Items for 5 FUT matches, and a Special Edition FUT Kits. 


Playing Tips for You

  • Get acquainted with the keys on the pad and memorize their various uses. 
  • You ought to have a strategy nobody knows for playing the game. 
  • Be smarter and more confident than your player. If you get overwhelmed and lose focus, it’ll cost you the game. 
  • Practice frequently. 
  • Have a strong defensive game to give your opponent a tough time. 
  • Utilize every opportunity from your opponent’s mistakes. 
  • Your penalty game should be on point.