EarPod Prices in Kenya (2021)

EarPods are headphones with wires, and they come with Apple devices. Most tend to confuse EarPods with AirPods or think they are the same. On the contrary, they are different. While EarPods come with wires, AirPods are wireless apple Bluetooth ear devices. 

EarPods come with iPhones and have three buttons with which you can perform few functions asides from the volume control. An EarPod has a built-in mic with which you can make and receive calls and control your media playback. 

Earpods with Mic and Remote are equipped with integrated microphones for music controls, making calls, and more. They also have a fixed remote with two buttons – up and down. Also, the third button, the central button, executes all functions. The EarPods with Mic and Remote are packed with all iPhones and iPods from iPhone 5 upwards. A superior-quality type, the Apple In-Ear EarPods with Remote and Mic, are available separately for KSh7,000. 

EarPod Prices in Kenya

Ordinarily, third-party EarPods sustain your Apple devices and other devices, in fact, without any issue whatsoever.

There are different EarPods for different apple devices and pin ports, though some EarPods are suitable for all apple devices or more than one. Also, the prices may vary depending on location, quality of the EarPods, functionality, new or used, durability, etc.

EarPod Prices in Kenya

Below are the prices of some EarPods in Kenya.

  • Wired Apple EarPods – KSh1,700 to KSh2,000
  • EarPods pro – KSh9,000 to KSh10,000
  • Generic iPhone 7 EarPods with Lightning Connector – KSh1,000 to KSh1,300
  • Apple iPhone 7 to 12 EarPods – KSh2,200 to KSh2,900 (This can be used for iPhones from 7 to 12).
  • Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug – KSh1, 800 to KSh2,100.
  • EarPods 2 – KSh16,000 to KSh18,000
  • Apple wired EarPods for iPhone 7/7+, 8/8+, X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max – KSh3800 to KSh4,200
  • iPhone EarPods- KSh2,200 to KSh2,500
  • Jbl EarPods – KSh1,500 to KSh1,700
  • Apple EarPods Lightning Connector – KSh3,300 to KSh3,600

Guide To Buying EarPods

When purchasing a new mobile device, it’s common to get free EarPods with it. However, these free devices don’t last long, as they are often of relatively low quality. Thus, you might need to prepare towards acquiring a new one. 

Most people look at brand, design, and price before making their buying decision. First, they check the EarPods’ general appearance – how stylish it looks, its color, and all. Second, they consider the product’s price, how close it is to their budget, and whether they can get one with the same quality for a lesser price. Lastly, they check the brand, whether it’s popular or mostly preferred.

Brand, design, and price are good reasons to purchase specific EarPods, but they aren’t enough. Making your buying decision using only those three might not get you a worthy product for your money. To help you avert purchase EarPods, you’ll eventually hate, go through the following factors before processing your purchase.

Excellent Fit: Not all EarPods can fit your ears perfectly. Factors like the EarPods’ design and size or shape can influence comfort. This, buying EarPods that perfectly fit your ears, is important. Bad EarPods hurt your ears after using them for a while if you’ve sensitive ears. It is advisable to get those that settle securely in your ear hole for best the best experience. These EarPods’ tips are mostly made of rubber and don’t cause discomfort, unlike plastic tips.

Variety and Specialization: Earpods very based on functions, shapes and sizes. So, it’s best to make a selection that would attend to your needs based on the specifications. For instance, if music is what you intend using it for, you should select Earpods with great sound quality. On the other hand, if you jog or work out, those that fit your ears securely and perfectly are excellent alternatives.

Earpod Specification: The following are specs to look out for when buying Earpods.

  1. Sensitivity – This refers to how loud the EarPods can sound.
  2. Frequency Response – This is the limit of audio frequencies repeated by the EarPods.
  3. Impedance – To get the best quality of sound, the earbuds’ impedance must be matched to that of the source.

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