GoTv Price in Kenya (December 2023)

Those days when there are only a few local stations for people to watch or going through the rigour of hanging their tv antenna on tall places before they can enjoy proper viewing. Nowadays, technology has made people have experience of getting information, entertainment, and sports views at a glance with the investment of cable tv. OK

GoTv Price in Kenya

GoTv, one of the most demanded cable tv, owned by a trust-worthy cable TV service provider, multi-choice. In contrast to DSTV which was satellite-based, GoTv is the terrestrial base, operating on a platform called DVB-T2, having a wide range of local and international TV channels. However, GoTv has high audio and visual quality, easy to install, and also works with any TV antenna to strengthen its signal.

Price of GOTV in Kenya

The cost of buying GOTV in Kenya depends on the time of purchase and the seller, i.e., the location of the purchase. Generally, to buy a GOTV in Kenya, you’ll need to have at least KES 1,200, as that’s the starting price for the decoder. For better reception, you might need to buy the antenna ( GO-tenna). The antenna enhances the functionality of the decoder, and it can be gotten at an average price of KES 800.

When you purchase your GOTV, you’ll need to subscribe to a package to enjoy the decoder. There are many subscription packages you can buy, each offering a different number of channels and features.

The following are the prices of different GOTV packages and the number of channels for each:

  • GOTV Value with 34 Channels == KES 550
  • GOTV Lite Monthly with 22 Channels == KES 265
  • GOTV Lite Annual with 22 Channels == KES 1,600
  • GOTV Plus with 49 Channels == KES 870
  • GOTV Lite Quarterly 22 channels == KES 650
  • GOTV Supa with 67 Channels == KES 1500
  • GOTV Max with 60 Channels == KES 1150

LAST UPDATED: August 20, 2022

Though, the price of GoTv may range from locations and period you buy it. The price may range from Ksh 1,769 to Ksh 2,618 with free 1-month GoTv max. You can get the remote control separately if you’ve already gotten the decoder at the rate of Ksh 649 to Ksh 749. 

There are several GoTv packages for you to buy depending on your income, channel you’ll love to view, and time. 

GoTv Max

This package has up to about 57 Channels, it can be gotten at between kES 1150 per month

GoTv Lite (Annual)

The package has just 15 channels, it can be gotten kES 1600 per month 

GoTv Lite (Monthly) 

The package can be gotten KES 265 per month having 21 channels

GoTv Lite (Quarterly) 

The package can be gotten at the rate of KES 650 per month having 16 channels 

GoTv Plus

The package can be gotten at the rate of KES  870  per month having 47 channels 

GoTv Value 

The package can be gotten at the rate of KES 550 per month having 33 channels 

Accessible channels on the various packages are listed in the table below.

GoTv Channels – Value, Max, Lite & Plus

GoTv value  GoTv max GoTv lite  GoTv plus 
Maish magic east  Fox Radio mile E entertainment 
E entertainment  Fox life  eTV Africa  Real-time
eTV Africa  BET SS blitz  Fox life 
Real-time  CBS reality  Afro music English  Telemundo 
Africa magic Epic  Mashmagic East  Jim jam  Fox
Africa magic family  Novellas  Al Jazeera  Mash magic east 
Eva Telemundo Inooro TV  eTv Africa 
SS blitz  Eva  Kameme TV  Africa magic epic 
SS select 2 Zee world  K24 Africa magic family 
Afro music English  Star life  NTV Real-time 
Disney junior  eTv Africa  KTN  SS blitz 
Jim jam Real-time  Citizen TV  SS select 2
Nickelodeon  Rok 2 KASS TV  NatGeo wild 
Al Jazeera Pearl magic  KTN news Discovery family 
Citizen TV  Africa magic family  Hope FM  Trace mziki
KTN Africa magic epic  Classic FM  Nickelodeon 
KBC TV  Maisha Bongo  Maisha FM Disney junior 
Inooro TV  Discovery family  Faith Jim jam
Kameme TV  Discovery ID Islam channel Da Vinci kids 
KASS TV  NatGeo world  Emmanuel TV  PBS kids 
K24 SS select 1 KTN 
NTV SS select 2 NTV
Emmanuel TV  ESPN  KASS TV 
Islamic channel  SS Biltz 2 KBC TV 
Faith  MTV base  Inooro TV
Hope FM Trace Gospel  Citizen TV
Classic FM  Music English  Kameme TV 
Maisha FM Afro music  K24
Radio mile Trace Ziko  KTN news 
PBS kids  Emmanuel TV 
Cartoon network  Faith 
Do via ci kids  Islam channel 
Nickelodeon  BB C world 
Disney junior  CNN international 
Jim jam  Africa news net 
CNN international  Al Jazeera 
Al Jazeera  TNT Africa 
Africa news net  M net movie 
BBC world  Radio mile 
KBC Tv Hope FM 
Citizen tv Classic FM 
NTV  Maisha FM 
Classic FM
Indoro TV 
KTN news 
Kameme Tv
Islam channel 
Emmanuel tv
TNT Africa 
M-net movie 4
Maisha FM
Hope FM 
Radio Mile

How to Change GoTv Package

You can change your GoTv subscription package by sending an SMS to 22688. For example, changing to GoTv plus just text “UPGRADE IUC NUMBER” and send it to the number above. Or call customer care.

GoTv Kenya Self Help 

Try to switch ON your decoder before loading your monthly subscription.

An additional cost, Ksh 10 will be paid together with the monthly fee.  

The account will be updated in less than ten minutes, if not try these steps to reverse error E30, E17, and E16.

USSD code method 

  • Your IUC number should be available
  • Select the GoTv option by dialing *423# on your gadget. 
  • Reply with the reset option and follow the onscreen message. 

SMS Service method 

  • Text to 22688 with your IUC number, following this format “RESET


GOtv easy Self Service method 

  •  Go to sing with your device and IUC number.

Call Customer Care method

Simply dial 0711 066 555 on your phone, follow the steps given to you.  You can like their page on Facebook also. You’re advised not to rest until the problem is fixed.