H Pylori Kit Prices in Kenya (2021)

Helicobacter pylori, popularly known as H pylori, is a bacteria that infects the stomach, causing ulcer disease, gastritis (stomach inflammation), and stomach cancer. H pylori can be found in saliva, stool, and it is a cause of most ulcer cases. The bacteria can be transmitted through kissing, handshake, or other close contacts, transmitting faster in families and individuals in nursing homes and similar facilities. 

H Pylori Kit Prices in Kenya

The H pylori infection symptoms include a burning pain or ache in the abdomen, nausea, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite, unintentional weight loss, and a pain in the abdomen that is worse than an empty stomach. If the bacteria infect you, you need treatment to eradicate the germs, prevent the sores from returning and remedy your stomach lining.

There are several treatment options for H pylori, and one is the H pylori kit. The H pylori kit is a mixture of medicine that treats ulcer disease by alleviating indigestion, heartburn, irritation, and stomach pain. It works by eliminating the bacteria that causes the ulcer, H pylori.

Price of H.Pylori Kits in Kenya

There are several brands of H pylori kit, and the prices vary with the manufacturing brand. Below are prices of some of the most common H pylori kit or set brands in the market.

ESCLAM 7’s H pylori kit is a 7-in-one kit and is sold at KSh2500-KSh2,700. A pack in the kit lasts for seven days.

Esose H pylori kit, KSh3,000: KSh3,800.

Pylotrip Kit 7’s: KSh2000 – KSh2,500

Helicoban H pylori kit: KSh1000 – KSh1200

Laekit H pylori kit: KSh2500 – KSh2700

Nexiken H pylori kit: KSh1800 – KSh2000

H pylori kits are taken for a duration and doses as prescribed by the doctor. The prescription depends on your condition and your reaction to the medicine. Use the kit diligently for the duration of the prescription recommended by your doctor. If you stop taking it early, your symptoms may return, and that may worsen your condition. Fill your doctor or health practitioner regularly about additional medications you are administering as they might affect or be affected by the kit medicine.

The most common side effects associated with using the H pylori kit are tiredness, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache, metallic taste, and dryness in the mouth. Many of these effects are temporary and normally go away with time. However, ensure you contact your doctor if you are worried about any side effects in any way.

This medication can cause dizziness or sleepiness, so do not engage in activities that require mental indulgence until you figure out how the medicine affects you. Eating properly and adequately will help make the medicine more effective. Also, make sure you inform your doctor if you are planning a pregnancy, breastfeeding or pregnant. You should also tell if you have underlying health issues like liver or kidney diseases to get suitable prescriptions.

How H.Pylori Kits Work

H pylori kit consists of three medicines – Amoxicillin, Tinidazole, and Omeprazole, which treats intestinal/stomach ulcers caused by bacterial infections. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that prevents the development of the bacteria covering that is crucial for the bacteria to survive in the human body. Tinidazole gets rid of the ulcer-causing bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms by destroying their DNA. Omeprazole decreases acid quantity in the stomach and treats ulcers and indigestion related to acid. Together, they get rid of your infection efficiently and effectively.

Why Use H.pylori Kit

H.pylori bacteria causes peptic ulcer – a condition in which severe ulcers or sores grow in the stomach’s inner lining. H.pylori kit brings down the amount of acid your stomach produces, averting additional harm to the ulcer as it gets healed naturally. This effectively relieves you of symptoms. 


H pylori kit treats stomach ulcers by eliminating the causative bacteria.

Complete the prescribed duration of use, even if you start feeling better before the due date. Stopping or concluding it early may return the ulcer and even make it more difficult to treat.

Stop using the kit and let your doctor know instantly if you start developing swelling on the face, breathing difficulties, or an itchy rash while using it. 

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