Honda rates among the most reliable automobile brands in the industry today. Their vehicles are known for their strong efficiency and welcoming interior. While some would argue the brand remains among the very best in the auto industry, some others still have their doubts, especially in terms of their vehicle’s durability and overall functionality. One of their vehicles though remains the talk of the town – introducing the Honda Stream.

If you want to enjoy an exceptionally smooth and safe drive across the road, the Honda Stream Sedan is simply an outstanding choice. With excellent performance, easy handling, incredible fuel economy, lovely accommodating cabin, and overall good status, it is certainly one of the top picks in the midsize sedan segment.

The Honda stream is not the chicest of cars, at least to a lot of people, yet the automobile industry and market hold it in high esteem thanks to its standard features and outstanding safety kits. It boasts of features that are relatively easy to use. The older generation is more likely to embrace the Stream as it is designed with more comfortable seats for older people and firm handling on the road. If you want a sporty sedan, then you might need to look away from the Stream.

honda stream price in kenya

The most attractive factor about Honda cars generally is how much they go for in the market. Clearly, Honda vehicles are relatively cheap and have drawn the eyes of car lovers with that. In this post, we will take a look at prices of brand new Honda Stream and also consider how much the used versions go for in the market.

Prices of Brand new Honda Stream in Kenya

If you want to rate the top ten most successful Honda mid-range sedans, then be sure to put the Stream in that class. Unfortunately, the production of this vehicle halted towards the tail end of 2014.

Despite the halt, the sedan still remains among the most sought after Honda mid-size sedan in Kenya, although the brand new versions are no longer available.

Prices of Used Honda Stream in Kenya

For a vehicle that has won the hearts of many and dominated the market for years, halting its production wouldn’t reduce its popularity any time soon. The Honda Stream still remains among the most sought after mid-range Honda sedan in Kenya today and that does not look like changing anytime soon.

No brand new version? No problem. Used Honda Stream is the big deal in the market these days. Cheap, efficient, highly functional and still neat enough to maintain a strong second-hand value, the Stream still dominates its level.

The Kenyan market has witnessed a compensable surge when it comes to used vehicles. In recent years, studies revealed that there is higher patronage of used cars compared to that of brand new cars. This is largely because end users get cheaper deals. Although currency exchange rates and customs duties and tariff usually affect the prices of most of these foreign used vehicles, they are still relatively reasonably priced and valuable.

Unlike some other mid-range sedans, the Honda Stream boasts a commendable second-hand value due to its durability and toughness, some characteristics that are missing in some Honda vehicles. Using the car for about 3 to 5 years would not necessarily affect the efficiency and functionality of the car, provided it remains in good condition, thereby conserving its value.

Honda Stream Prices in Kenya

Below are the prices of the used model of Honda Stream you can get in Kenya:

  • Honda Stream 2014 == from KES 1,600,000
  • Honda Stream 2013 == from KES 1,350,000
  • Honda Stream 2012 == from KES 950,000
  • Honda Stream 2011 == from KES 1,100,000
  • Honda Stream 2010 == from KES 850,000
  • Honda Stream 2009 == from KES 800,000
  • Honda Stream 2008 == from KES 700,000

Honda Stream: Things You Should Know About the Vehicle

Honda Stream is one of the few vehicles Honda can boast of. When it comes to performance, design, and overall functionality, it is difficult to pick a Honda mid-range that is sportier than the Stream. The car combines a high level of practicality and commanding powertrain.

This Sedan, which is also a family car, looks sportier, thanks to its body kit and grill. In addition, the exterior appeared carbon bonnet and short antenna Tomoki at the end of the roof, new turn signals and red emblem Honda, who made some contrast with the black exterior.

The Stream’s base 1.7-liter engine is more than satisfactory, but the 2.0-liter choice is a real darling, with all the urge you imagine from a Honda performance engine and a five-speed automatic. All-wheel-drive forms of the Stream are rare, but worth looking out for, while the ultimate Stream is the Type R V-TEC model, a car we verified on track in various parts of the world.

We’d grab the 2.0-liter, as it is more sophisticated and features more gears in its automatic, with five speeds in contradiction of the 1.7’s four speeds. Also, as with all cars the requirement levels that spread new model valuing when comparatively new, after a few years loaded and middle-range used Streams are valued similarly.

The Stream’s cool style and taut chassis set it apart from other vehicles and while it is not the ultimate space-user of its category, four adults and two children should have no issue finding ample space for a journey. Load space is limited when all six or seven seats are being used by passengers, but when the third row is folded away, the available capacity is excellent and uncluttered.

Early Streams were accessible with seven seats in a two-three-two arrangement, with the backmost row able to be folded level into the floor when not in use. Till date, Honda Stream still remains among the top Honda mid-range sedans ever. Chic this.

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