Laptop Prices in Kenya (2021)

In the beginning, there were large computers (popularly referred to as mainframe computers). These computers mainly served the elite league of persons back then. Series of innovations later led to the development of laptops, palmtops, and other gadgets. The laptop is a small and portable version of desktop computers, with most having a faster processor speed and battery life.

Laptop Prices in Kenya

  •  HD Omen 15 32GB Intel SSD i5 8GB: 190,000 Ksh to 211,500 Ksh
  •  HP EliteBook 8460P 8GB Intel Core i5 HDD: 98,400 Ksh to144,000 Ksh
  •  HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 8GB Intel Core M SSD: 109,500 Ksh to 120,000 Ksh
  •  HP ProBook 640 G1 4GB Intel Core i5 HDD: 55,805 Ksh to 128,000Ksh
  •  HP EliteBook Folio 9480M 8GB Intel Core i5 HDD: 108,679 Ksh to 115, 000 Ksh 
  •  Acer NITRO 5 16GB Intel Core i5 SSD 512GB: 120,000 Ksh to 130, 000 Ksh 
  •  HP Envy M6 8GB Intel Core i5 SSHD(Hybrid) 1T: 146,800 Ksh to 144,000 Ksh
  •  HP Omen 16GB Intel Core i7 SSHD: 240,000 Ksh to 300,000 Ksh
  •  EliteBook 2560P 4GB Intel Core i5 HDD 500GB: 98,400 Ksh to 144,000 Ksh
  •  Lenovo 4GB AMD HDD 320GB: 50,000 Ksh to 52,000 Ksh
  •  Dell XPS 13 8GB Intel Core i5 SSD 256GB: 93,999 Ksh to 150,000 Ksh
  •  Dell 4GB Intel HDD 500GB: 57,300 Ksh to 59,000 Ksh
  •  Samsung N 210 2GB Intel Atom HDD 320GB: 16,000 Ksh to 20,000 Ksh
  •  TOSHIBA 4GB Intel Core i5 HDD 320GB: 29,000 Ksh to 35,000 Ksh 
  •  HP EliteBook 1040 8GB Intel Core i5: 178,000 Ksh to 185, 000 Ksh
  •  HP Spectre X360 13 8GB Intel Core i7 SSD 256GB: 196,000 Ksh to 209,000 Ksh
  •  HP 6GB Intel Core i5 HDD 1T: 68,000 Ksh to 73,000 Ksh
  •  Dell Inspiron 14 7460 4GB Intel Core i5 HDD 500GB: 57,300 Ksh to 97,000 Ksh
  •  Apple MacBook Pro 8GB Intel Core i5 HDD 500GB: 190,000 Ksh to 240,000 Ksh
  •  HP Spectre X360 13 8GB Intel Core i5 SSD: 205,000 Ksh to 211,000 Ksh 
  •  Asus X200MA 2GB Intel HDD 750GB: 25,000 Ksh 27,000 Ksh

Laptop Prices in Kenya

Best Brands of Laptops

Before checking the Laptop prices in Kenya, you may need to find the right brand of laptop, which can be very dreadful. Not to worry, the best brands of laptops in the world are listed below to make your choice easier. 

  • Apple

They comprise various editions like iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook. They are embroiled with an Apple logo on the back of the laptop to make it more glamorous. They are reliable, durable, easy to use, and portable. They include retina technology that gives a clear display on the screen.   

  • Dell

They are cheap, durable, powerful, and accessible. They come in varieties like Dell XPS and Inspiron. They comprise unique features inclusive of touch screens, backlit keyboards, powerful processors, and strong batteries. 

  • Lenovo

They incorporate versions like the Yoga and Flex series focused on improving the working capacity of their customers. They include graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display, and audio quality features. 

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)

They are affordable, dependable, long-lasting, as well as have a great performance. They are available in Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, and Elite editions. 

  • Toshiba 

They are economical, simple to operate, and dependable. They consist of improved features in every version targeted at making everyday tasks less stressful for users. 

  • Samsung

They have invented some robust laptops over the years that encompasses the popular ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus. They possess fascinating specifications like ultra-thin design, durable batteries, and keyboards. 

  • Acer

They are made up of quality hardware, HD displays, powerful batteries, storage devices, as well as an in-house motherboard. They have a lineup of laptop varieties that are affordable, reliable, and durable to choose from.

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