Are you in Kenya and want to know the latest prices of MiFi brands in the country? If your answer to this question is Yes, then you are in luck. We will discuss all of this and lots more in this post.

MiFi Prices in Kenya

How does a MiFi work?

Before discussing the prices of MiFis in Kenya, let’s tell you a little about how these devices work. Usually, a MiFi helps you to set up a wireless network for devices to connect to. Asides from being a 4G router, you can connect it to devices to set up a local area network (LAN).

With these devices, you are assured of seamless internet for your different devices. You can connect your laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablets to a MiFi. The beauty of these devices is that you can also use them as storage devices as well. Now let’s look at MiFi prices in Kenya.

MiFi Prices in Kenya ([year])

Here is a list of prices of the top MiFi devices in Kenya, a brief description, and how much they cost.

  • BVOT MiFi 4G LTE Router == from KES 4,600
  • Huawei E5576 4G MiFi == from KES 7,400
  • Bolt 4G 3G Universal MiFi == from KES 5,000
  • Faiba 4G MiFi With Wifi == from KED 5,900
  • TP-Link 4G LTE Portable Mobile Tp-link MiFi M7200 == from KES 6,000
  • Fiber JTL 4G Portable MiFi == from KES 6,200
  • Tecno Universal 4G MiFi Portable Router == from KES 5,900
  • Generic 4G Universal Portable Wifi/MiFi == from KES 4,600
  • ZTE Pocket MiFi  == from KES 6,000

Please note that these prices are not fixed. They are prone to changes depending on the service provider, the time, and location of purchase.

Best MiFi Brands in Kenya

Huawei MiFi 

Huawei is a famous brand all over the world. This company has one of the best MiFi devices in Kenya. It boasts of 4G internet and presents users with dual bandwidths. These bandwidths include 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

You can have up to 32 users on a single Huawei MiFi. This makes it a good investment for a small business office. It comes with USB ports for recharging and can act as a power bank. Managing this device is easy because it comes with a smartphone app. 

Airtel MiFi 

Airtel is undoubtedly one of the biggest network providers in Kenya. Customers consider their services to be very affordable, especially their data bundles. This company put out its 4G-enabled MiFi device into the market that can also accommodate 32 users.

Upon purchase of this MiFi, you get a bonus of 25GB of data. The only challenge is that you can only use the device with an Airtel SIM card. This means that you cannot use it in countries that don’t have an Airtel network.

Telkom MiFi 

Telkom is another major network provider in Kenya. It has a portable MiFi device that allows downloads at up to 150Mbps. 

Unlike the Huawei and Airtel devices, this device only allows 15 users. However, it makes up for this by being easy to set up. Another disadvantage, just like the Airtel MiFi, you can only use it with Telkom SIMs


The MiFi from ZTE is regarded as high-performance inclined. This is because it functions at other speeds asides from 4G. It can work with both 2G and 3G and allows downloads of about 150Mbps.

The device comes with USB ports and a smartphone app. It supports different SIM cards and allows a maximum of 10 users.

Factors to consider when choosing a MiFi device

Before choosing a MiFi device, you should look out for the following factors:

Battery life

Almost all MiFi devices make use of batteries. Check to see that the battery can last at least 24 hours without charging. This is necessary in case you are in a place where there is no power.

Number of users

You should ensure that the device allows the number of users that suits your preferences. This is very important so that you can support the number of users in your home or business. There is no point in buying a device that cannot support your business.

Signal reach

How far can the signal of the device reach? If you run a business in a whole building, the device should get to all the rooms.

Internet speeds

Check to see that the device offers you 2G, 3G, and 4G. Also, ensure that the data speeds are between 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz.


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