Often, modems are mistaken for routers. Although they work hand in hand, they are not similar. A modem is a device invented to provide internet services within a vast or small area. 

Prices of Modem in Kenya

  • HSDPA USB Universal modem: 1,600 Ksh to 3200 Ksh
  • Airtel modem: 1200Ksh to 5200Ksh
  • Orange modem: 700Ksh to 1500Ksh
  • Safaricom modem: 750Ksh to 2000Ksh
  • Zte mf65m: 5,000Ksh to 5,500Ksh 
  • Bolt modem: 1200Ksh to 3200Ksh. 
Modem Prices In Kenya
Modem Prices In Kenya

Things to consider before purchasing a modem

Primarily, before purchasing a product, there are certain features you have to look out for. Let’s look at some of them! 

  • Automatic cable sensor

This feature enables the modem to connect automatically and to recognize the device to which it is connected. 

  • Speed

The speed of a modem states how fast data will be downloaded/uploaded. It is advisable to choose a high-quality modem that can give access to a 4G or 3G network, depending on the network coverage in your area. 

  • Sim Card slot

A modem doesn’t just work on its own. A sim card of any network provider has to be inserted properly into the modem to enable it to gain access to the internet. 


Brands of Modem

Now, it can get very confusing and difficult to make a pick when you start seeing different brands of modems in the market. However, with the aforementioned considerations, you should be able to decide what soothes your needs. 

  • E5377s-32 LTE wireless modem 

This is a Huawei brand of modem made specifically to soothe the need of users. It has a 6 to 10 hours battery life, a speed of about 150mbps, and compatibility with any 4G LTE network. 

  • Zte mf65m 

This modem is more compatible with 2G network service providers. It can connect more than ten people at the same time, however, its download speed is low-running at approximately 5.7mbps. 

  • Safaricom modem

Safaricom is one of the many network providers producing a modem to accompany their brand. It comes in two forms – wireless and non-wireless. One of the most attractive features of this modem is that it fully operates with any sim card. Most users consider it to be the best. The reason for this occurrence is, it has a 7.2mbps speed synonymous with any data provider.  

  • Orange modem

This brand of modems is also an internet service provider. It is compatible with PCs by connecting the modem to the USB port of the computer. However, it can only be operated by an orange sim card. 

  • Airtel modem

This is a very powerful modem. It has a 4G pocket Wi-Fi, and recently the 5G version was introduced. Having a download speed of over 150mbps, this modem can connect more than ten devices at the same time. 

  • Alcatel OneTouch Link Y900 modem

Alcatel is a French company that deals in all kinds of electronic and mobile devices. The Alcatel OneTouch Link Y900 modem is not very common. Nonetheless, it is reliable and efficient. It has a download speed of 300mbps, an upload speed of 50mbps, and a capacity to connect over 32 devices at the same time. 

  • Alcatel OneTouch link Y855 modem

This is a wireless modem suitable for mobile phones. It has pocket Wi-Fi of 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. Its micro SD has a memory of 32GB. 

  • HSDPA USB Universal modem

The High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) modem is a universal modem that works with any network provider (sim card). It is easy to use and has a high speed for immediate surfing. It works on 3G and 4G LTE networks, having a download speed of about 7.2mbps.

  • Bolt modem

It is a Glo-owned modem that can only convey a maximum of 8 users at the same time. If locked, it is limited to only Glo sim cards, but if unlocked, it can accept other sim cards. It has a download speed of 22.6mbps and an upload speed of 5.76mbps. 


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