Pool Table Prices in Kenya (2021)

Are you a lover of pool and will love to purchase a pool table in Kenya? Then you are reading the right post. We will discuss pool table prices in Kenya in this post. Also, we will share some details about what to consider when buying pool tables. In the final part of this article, we will tell you what factors determine the price of pool tables.

Prices of Pool Tables in Kenya

You can get pool tables from different locations in Kenya. While one of the best places to check is Jiji Kenya, you can also visit local dealers. Below are the prices of pool tables in Kenya as drawn from a number of sources:

  • Smart Pool Tables Kenya – KSh. 62,000 – Ksh 65,000
  • Gaming Africa Top Quality Pool Tables – KSh. 37,000 – Ksh40, 000
  • Gaming Africa Best Quality Pool Tables Wholesale – KSh. 43,000 – Ksh45,000
  • Marble Pool Table – KSh. 57,000 – Ksh 60, 000
  • Smart Pool Table Limite – KSh. 33,000 – Ksh 36, 000
  • 6ft Modern Look Blue Foldable Pool Table – KSh. 55,000 – Ksh 58, 000
  • Folding Pool Table With Dartboard – Ksh 58, 000 – KSh. 62,000
  • Marble Slate Pool Table – KSh. 73,000 – Ksh 78, 000

You can also get fairly used pool tables in Kenya. However, there is no fixed price for fairly used pool tables. This is because the prices are determined by the sellers and the condition of the merchandise. However, fairly used pool tables are considerably cheaper than new ones.

Pool Table Prices in Kenya

Factors to consider when buying a pool table

Before you purchase a pool table for business or personal use, there are certain factors to watch out for. We have outlined a few below:


This is the first thing that you should look out for. Different materials are used in constructing pool tables. The quality of materials used will usually determine the final cost of the table. 

Most pool tables are constructed using slate. This material is seen as the best quality for pool tables and it is quite expensive. Substitutes include fiberboard, slatine, plywood, and slatex to mention a few. 


The regular size of pool tables is 8” in length and 4” in width. However, you are likely to find 7” tables in restaurants and bars. Always check to see that the size suits your purposes and your space. There should always be ample room for players to move around the table.

Aesthetics and style

The three styles of pool tables are modern, contemporary, and classic. Ensure that you choose one that suits the location where the pool table will be used. The different styles vary in prices with the classic being the most costly of the three.

Playing equipment

Always check to see that all the necessary accessories are available before purchasing a pool table. The accessories you need include cue sticks, bridge sticks, billiard balls, pool ball racks, and pool table accessories.

Factors determining the prices of pool tables

In rounding up this post, let’s look at some factors that determine pool table prices in Kenya. 

Number of slates used

Like we told you above, slate is the primary material used in building pool tables and it is expensive. The number of slates used in constructing the table will determine its cost. Also, the thickness of the slate used is also a factor. If alternatives are used, the table is considerably cheaper.

Design of the table

The quality of the design also affects the price of the table. If you choose a classic style, you can bet that it will be costlier than a modern style pool table.


Again, size is a major factor that determines the price of pool tables. The larger the table, the costlier it will be.


There you have it, the prices of pool tables in Kenya. We have also discussed price determinants and factors to consider when buying a pool table.

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