After months of expectations from gamers worldwide, Sony finally unveiled the PS5. Sometime in January this year, the logo of PS5 was revealed – it led to several memes and conversations across the internet. 

Not long ago, the game package was finally launched to the marketplace. It is surely an amazing product. The design is superb and so futuristic.

PS5 Price In Kenya

Also, spread online were several memes about the design and the console of the game.

This article discusses the price, design, and features of the PS5.

Prices of PS5 In Kenya

In Kenya, the price for the PS5 varies. At most, it sells for Ksh.99,000. The prices range from Ksh.85,000 to Ksh.128,000.


The console of PS5 is equipped with an optical drive. This also contains a Blu-ray player. It also supports the 4k video.

The game’s console also allows players to enjoy a wider range of home-packed entertainment. It also serves good for DVDs which gives wider fun for family and friends.

PS5 comes with new hardware that runs on: 36 CUs at 2.23GHz on several frequencies, 10.28 TFLOPS, and a custom RDNA 2 architecture – better off compared to the last edition of PS4. Its GPU is flexible.


This gadget comes with a 4k UHD Blu-ray drive – which was missing in the Digital version. It gives a bulging front. PS5 has a bold and appealing appearance. It was designed with a white shell, faintly passing through the black core.

The PS5 comes with a vented top which helps reduce the temperature. The front section has USB-A and USB-C fronts. It packed in blue cases similar to the PS4 but a bit darker but matches the blue color on the controller and console.


One thing most gamers won’t forget so easily is the high processing power that comes with the PS5. With it, gamers enjoy swift and memorable experiences during gameplay. So what’s the inbuilt of its CPU? It has an 8-core AMD ZEN 2 clock (3.5GHz) – so far, this has been the highest of all CPUs by Sony. This CPU was well designed to display several paradigms, different from what most players are used to.


The PS5 comes with two sensible controllers, these gamepads look good. They are way different from the previous one for the PS4’s Dual Shock 4 controllers. With the controllers come a sort of futuristic print created in a boomerang shape on a black and white color scheme. Definitely, the design replaced the rumble technology used for the PS4, as an update on the haptic feedback.


This new gadget has a proprietary SSD of 825 GB. What this means is that it easily improves the game’s load time, and offers up to 5.5GB/s as far as performance is concerned. Compared to its previous version (PS4), this is a great improvement.

With the upgrade on storage capacity, a user can increase his/her storage via the compatible hard drive (NVMe SSD).


PS5 is loaded with several accessories. These accessories include an HD Camera, one pulse 3D wireless headset, a media remote, and one charging station for the dual sense controllers.

New Games

Another good news! The PS5 features over twenty-five more games. Some of the latest games include WRC 9, NBA 2K21, Godfall, JETT – The Shore, Madden NFL 21, Spiderman by Marvel, Avengers by Marvel, Playroom by Astro, Doom Eternal, Oddworld – Soulstorm, and many exciting games.

Features of PS5

  • Has 16GB RAM and 1 TB Storage. 
  • CPU – X86-64-AMD. 
  • Comes with Ray Tracing Acceleration. 
  • It has an SSD Storage System. 
  • GPU – AMD Radeon. 
  • It has backward compatibility with SVR hardware and PS4 games. 
  • It comes with the tempest 3D Audio Tech. 
  • It has a support of 4K 120Hz TVs, VRR, and 8K TVs. 
  • Has Hepatic Technology.
  • Quality HD Camera.
  • PS5 also comes with Adaptive Triggers.

With Ksh.99,000 or more, you can get a PS5 in Kenya. 

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