Watches are losing value as they are becoming less important and popular due to smartphones’ advent. Smartphones can tell the time (which is the primary use of a watch), has an alarm and a calendar, but smartwatches do more than this as they offer something different than the usual watches. They are wrist computers that can receive calls and reply to messages, give directions using GPS, access social media, and lots more. This article shows a list of different brands of smartwatches and their prices for a comfortable budget and purchase.

Why Do I Need a Smart Watch?

Since the advent of smartphones, the sale of watches has drastically reduced because smartphones have taken over the primary information watches give, telling the time aside for fashion purposes. Because of this, most persons believe that buying smartwatches is a waste of resources as it only tells the time like the usual wristwatches. 

This is not true because smartwatches can track body fitness, access different apps, reply to messages, and calls. They also have GPS that gives directions. An extended-lasting battery capacity for up to ten days, which is more than a phone, is waterproof, which makes them eligible to be used in water, checks and even responds to notifications on all social media handles, and lots more.


Price Value of Smart Watches And Features

Some individuals think that with the extra features smartwatches give, they will cost a great fortune and not be purchased with their budget. Again, this is not true because smartwatches come in different sizes, quality, brands (such as Apple, Tizen, OS), and prices that will not tear your pockets or outrun your budgets. Below is a list of smartwatches and their prices in Kenya.

Smart Watch Prices in Kenya

  • Apple Watch Series 4

Features: GPS + Cellular, Bluetooth, 18 hours battery life, swim-proof, aluminum and stainless steel case, heart sensor, and loudspeaker, 44mm, 1.29 ounces.

Color: Black sport band with space grey aluminum case.

Price: Ksh 39, 000 – KSh 44,600.

Smart Watch Prices in Kenya

  • Pebble Time Steel Smart Watches

Features: Bluetooth, USB connectivity, ten days battery life, water-resistant, In-built microphone, in-built activity and sleep tracker, always-on, notifications at a glance, 7.5 ounces.

Color: Gold.

Price: KSh 39,138.


  • XIAOMI Mi Band 4 Smart Band.

Features: Waterproof, 20 days battery life, 24 hours heart track, AMOLED touch display, accelerator. 

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 3,000 – Ksh 4, 000 


  • Germin Vivoactive 3 Music Smart Watches

Features: Bluetooth, GPS, USB connectivity, seven days battery life, water-resistant, built-in microphone, inbuilt fitness monitor, Movies, Songs, and games download and watching 8.8 ounces.

Color: Music Black Gunmetal.

Price: KSh 37,499.


  • XIAOMI Mi Band 4 Smart Band Sport 

Features: Waterproof, 18 days of battery life, music and volume control, calls, and text replies.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 2,200 – Ksh 2,800


  • Huawei Watch Fit

Feature: Smart Sports Guide, ten days of battery life, 4GB storage, Bluetooth, water-resistant, GPS.

Color: Pink.

Price: KSh 10,000 – Ksh 12, 000


  • Binyeae Sport Smart Watch. 

Features: Unisex, Camera, pedometer, uses SIM, GPS, waterproof, fitness, and health control.

Color: White case and a black screen.

Price: KSh 1,250.


  • Generic 116 Plus Smart Watch 

Features: 1.3 Inch, Color screen, Waterproof, Sports Smart Watch.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 570


  • Generic Smart Watch Q18 

Features: Sim Card, Camera, connected to IOS smartphone.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 1,849


  • Amazfit Bip S Smartwatch  

Features: GPS, waterproof, 15 days of battery life, 24 hours of activity tracking.

Color: Black.

Price: KSh 7,900 – Ksh 11, 000


  • Skmei Sports Fashion Digital Wristwatch.

Features: Pedometer, Camera, Bluetooth, Waterproof, Fitness Smart Watch. 

Color: Black.

Price: Ksh 1, 200 – KSh 1,500.



Smartwatches are useful wrist computers that go beyond time telling, possessing other useful and Important features. They can be purchased both online and offline in different stores with prices that are pocket friendly.

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