If you are in Kenya and need to know about Startimes decoder prices, we’ve got you. In this post, we will discuss the prices of Startimes decoders as well as the prices of the different bouquets. Ready for this information? 

About Startimes Kenya

Startimes is one of the major satellite TV platforms in Kenya. It provides access to both antenna and satellite TV packages. Users that subscribe to their services can access several channels depending on their subscription packages.

You can either use Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) or Direct To Home (DHT) to connect. The latter works for homes that make use of a decoder and satellite dish. However, you need DTT if you are connecting the decoder to an antenna. 

Prices of Startimes Decoder in Kenya

We cannot discuss Startimes decoder prices without mentioning the different bouquets available. The bouquets include Classic, Basic, and Nyota. There are two types of Startimes decoders in Kenya.

The first one is the Startimes Antenna Decoder. This makes use of an antenna to access any of the bouquets. It costs about KSh. 1,500 currently. However, prices may differ slightly depending on location and seller.

The second decoder type is the Startimes Combo Decoder. This one allows users to make use of a dish or an antenna. It works with three bouquets as well. They are:

  • Startimes Super Bouquet
  • Startimes Smart Bouquet
  • Startimes Nova Bouquet

Currently, the Startimes Combo Bouquet costs about KSh. 2,000. However, if you want the decoder with the dish in the same package, you will spend about KSh. 3,000.

Startimes Decoder Prices in Kenya

Different Startimes Bouquets and their prices in Kenya

Now that you know how much a Startimes decoder costs, let’s look at the different bouquets and their costs. We begin with the bouquets on Startimes Antenna Decoder:

  • Nyota – KSh. 299 monthly
  • Basic – KSh. 599 monthly
  • Classic – KSh. 799 monthly

The Nyota bouquet gives you access to 37 channels while you get 60 channels on the Basic bouquet. For most channels, you should subscribe to the Classic package that gives you 78 channels. 

Now, let’s take a look at the bouquets on the Startimes Combo Decoder. These are costlier than those on the Antenna Decoder. 

  • Nova – KSh. 499 monthly
  • Smart – KSh. 899 monthly
  • Super – KSh. 1499 monthly

It is important to note that the difference between the channels on the Combo decoder and Antenna decoder isn’t much. For most people, it is a matter of choice and quality of visuals. However, there are more movie and news channels on the combo decoder.

Paying for your monthly subscription on Startimes

Startimes are a digital company and have devised several methods to make payments easier and more flexible. The most common method of paying for Startimes in Kenya is through Mpesa. Here’s how to make your payment using this platform:

  • Go to the Mpesa menu and choose Lipan na Mpesa.
  • Tap on Pay bill and then provide the business number. The Startimes business number is 585858.
  • Enter the smart card number of the decoder as the account number.
  • Enter the amount that you want to pay. This should correspond with the amount of the bouquet that you are subscribing to.
  • Supply your unique Mpesa PIN and tap send.

Within a few seconds, you should receive a confirmation text from both Mpesa and Startimes. You can also switch your bouquet via your mobile phone. Here’s how to do that:

  • Dial *858# using your Airtel or Safaricom line.
  • Select “Change package.”
  • Pick your decoder type.
  • Select your bouquet.
  • Provide your smart card number.
  • Go through with the remaining instructions.


That’s all you need to know about Startimes prices in Kenya. We have also told you about the different bouquets and how to make payments. 

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