Laundering manually with hands for a large number of clothes can be very stressful most times. Washing machines elevate this stress by doing the scrubbing, soaking, rinsing, and squeezing for you. Washing machines are of different sizes and prices. This article gives a concise list of several washing machines and their various price ranges in Kenya. 

Washing Machine Prices in Kenya

Pricing Details

A washing machine is a home appliance that uses water and detergent to do laundry in homes and offices. It reduces the stress of manually scrubbing clothes and also the time spent on laundry. Washing machines are also in different brands and qualities available in a wide range of stores worldwide.

Below is a list of several washing machines and their prices in Kenya. 

 Washing Machine Prices in Kenya


Features: Weighs 10kg, Twin Tub Washing Machine. 

Color: White.

Price: KSh 25,000 – Ksh30,000


  • Armco AWM-TT1305P.

Features: Weighs13 Kg, Twin Tub Washing Machine.

Color: Silver and Black.

Price: KSh 27,000 – Ksh 31,000


  • Mika MWATL3508W Washing Machine. 

Features: Top Load, Fully-Automatic, and weighs 8Kg.

Color: White and Black.

Price: KSh 32,000 – Ksh 36,000


  • Ramtons RW/144 Washing Machine.

Features: Front Loaded, Fully Automatic, weighs 7Kg, and 1400 RPM. 

Colour: Silver.

Price: KSh 55,000 – Ksh59,000


  • VON VALW-10MLB Washing Machine.

Features: Weighs 10Kg, Twin Tub Washing Machine.

Color: White. 

Price: KSh 28,580 – Ksh 32,000


  • Mika MWSTT2208 Washing Machine.

Features: Twin Tub, weighs 8Kg.

Color: White and Grey.

Price: KSh 23,000 – Ksh 27,000


  • Tornado TWH-Z10DNE-W Washing Machine.

Features: Half Automatic, weighs10 Kg.

Color: White. 

Price: KSh 24,595 – Ksh 28,000


  • LG T1366NEFVF Washing Machine.

Features: weighs 13 Kg, Top Load Washing Machine.

Color: Silver.

Price: KSh 72,995 – Ksh78,000


  • Ramtons RW/146 Washing Machine. 

Features: It has a washer weighing 8Kg and a dryer 6Kg.

Colour: Silver.

Price: KSh 70, 000 – Ksh73,900.


  • Bruhm BWT 120SG Washing Machine.

Features: Top Load, Automatic washing machine that weighs 12Kg.

Colour: Grey.

Price: KSh 42,000 – Ksh43,500


  • VON VAWD-106FGS Washing Machine.

Features: 10kg Washer and 6kg Dryer with a Front top load. 

Color: Silver.

Price: KSh 84,900 – Ksh90,000


  • Redmi 1A Automatic Washing Machine. 

Features: It weighs 8KG, Top Load washing machine.

Colour: White.

Price: KSh 28, 000 – Ksh34,000


  • Toshiba TW-BJ80S2GH(SK) Washing Machine.

Features: Weighs 7Kg, Automatic, Front Load Washing Machine.

Colour: Grey and black.

Price: KSh 55,000. – Ksh64,000


  • VON VLAD-08CGS Washing Machine.

Features: Condensing Dryer, weighs 8KG.

Colour: Silver.

Price: KSh 52,000 – Ksh55,000


  • Ramtons RW/129 Washing Machine.

Features: Weighs 6kg, Top Load, Semi-Auto Washer.

Colour: White.

Price: KSh 11,500. – Ksh15,000


  • LG FH4G6VDGG6 Washing Machine.

Features: 9kg Front Load Washer/ 5kg Dryer. 

Color: Silver

Price: KSh 102,995. – Ksh105,000


  • Armco AWM-TLA800P2 Washing Machine.

Features: Top load, weighs 8kg, Automatic washing machine.

Color: Silver.

Price: KSh 33,695 – Ksh37,800


  • Nexus NX-WM-TT12 Washing Machine.

Features: Weighs12kg, Twin tub washing machine. 

Color: Grey.

Price: KSh 25,950 – ksh30,000


  • Mika MWAF3207DS Washing Machine.

Features: Fully-Automatic, weighs 7Kg.

Colour: Dark Silver.

Price: KSh 49,995 – Ksh53,000


  • LG FH6G1BCHK6N + F8K5XNK4 Washing Machine.

Features: 12 kg Front load washer, 8kg Dryer, Twin wash, and 2Kg Mini Washer.

Colour: Dark Silver.

Price: KSh 244,995 – Ksh250,000


  • LG T1982WFFS5 Washing Machine.

Features: Weighs 19kg, Top loading washing machine with heater.

Color: Stainless Silver.

Price: KSh 154,995 – Ksh 160,000


  • LG F4V9RWP2E Washing Machine.

Features: It weighs10.5Kg, Vivace washing machine, AI DD Technology.

Color: Dark Silver.

Price: KSh 123,495 – Ksh 127,000


  • Armco ACD-011MT Washing Machine.

Features: Multipurpose Clothes Dryer.

Color: Blue.

Price: KSh 7,994.



Washing machines are very vital home appliances that are used for laundry. The prices vary with product, quality, and stores. We are sure that this article has given you a comprehensive list of different washing machines, their features, their colors, and different price ranges. These products can be purchased either online or offline from various stores around the globe.

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