Xbox 360 Prices in Kenya (2021)

Video games have, over the years, become a priority to youths.  The pleasure derived from them remains unmatched with the constant updates of these games because game developers are committed to using the best innovation and technology in creating exciting and relevant games.  

Keeping this focus, Microsoft birthed the development of Xbox 360, the advanced version of the original Xbox. It came second in the Xbox series console and was launched officially May 12, 2005. 

Xbox 360 Price In Kenya

  • Xbox 360 4GB – Ksh 13,205 – Ksh 18,000 
  • Xbox 360 250GBn– Ksh 16,430 – Ksh 20,000 

Beyond being a game console, the Xbox 360 provides loads of added functionalities. It can be used to play games, listen to music, and watch DVDs and so on. Xbox 360 set the pace for the production of 21 st century video games.  With the fantastic combo of superb sound supports for every game, graphics, and online options, you will get the full excitement that every gamer cannot resist trying. Moreover, games look better than ever on Xbox 360 because it is the first console to enable high definition. 

The story does not only revolve around improved visuals, online options, and visual clarity. These innovative game developers can create features and functionalities second to none. Playing Xbox 360 will entangle you in the beautiful fantasy setting, virtual worlds, looking similar to the real-life setting, and interactive environment that you have never been in before. The Xbox 360makes, your home entertainment system unmatched by giving quality audio output. Using the console, you can also play music directly from your portable MP3 player, CDs, PCs, and many more. 

The Microsoft Xbox 360 price in Kenya is based on the accessories, including inbuilt storage, design, location, and store you intend to buy. Although purchasing the Xbox 360 might be inexpensive, you might still have to purchase the accessories differently. 

Xbox 360 Prices in Kenya


  • Storage: 4GB Flash Memory or 250GB HDD
  • Colour: Black
  • Full HD support
  • DVD Player: Play DVDs, CDs
  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • AC power cord
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • HDMI out
  • Ethernet port
  • AV
  • Kinect port
  • AV cable
  • Optional Xbox Live Membership 
  • Headset port

As reviewed above, the prices are based on the features, including the storage, console accessories, and many other similar considerations.  However, this price is not guaranteed, as it may be subject to change due to the foreign exchange, location, time, store, etc. 


Things To Note About The Xbox 360  

The Microsoft Xbox is generally viewed as of the best gaming consoles ever produced. It is a powerful and intriguing entertainment for fun and has stayed long enough to be one of the most successful game consoles in the gaming industry.  Xbox 360 has user-friendly qualities and fascinating graphics it’s audio and video quality gives it an edge over its competitors. Since its launch in May 2005, Like Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox 360 has taken the whole gaming experience to greater heights. 

Microsoft currently provides two storage in Kenya, the 4GB model and the 250GB model. The fairly-used ones can also be gotten at a very affordable price range of Ksh 9,000- Ksh 15,000. One of the most loved Xbox 360 is its Kinetic sensor accessory. With this feature, the game can be played with your body instead of using the controller. This accessory not only makes the game fun, but it also makes it engaging. 



The Microsoft Xbox 360’s is regarded as a top-notch game because of its unique features. Its body interactive involves multiple players, features a game voice chat, and many more. It is also one of the most successful games to stay long in the market, thanks to its user-friendly quality. Xbox 360 is not just a game. It can be used to play audio, videos, CDs, and many others. 

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