Great sounds provide a thrilling experience as you listen to your favourite music, watch those latest movie series, and get motivated by your game’s sounds. Thus, home theatres are excellent options to increase the sound intensity and improve sound quality. One excellent option is the Sony home theatre, which unleashes greater sound intensity, making you enjoy the bubbling moments.

With these boosts, you can unlock a free flow of happiness, suspense, and all-round emotions, as you enjoy the sounds from your home theatres. Generally, home theatres are necessary and vital home gadgets that boost entertainment from music, games, and videos played in the home’s confide. 

Sony Home Theater Prices in Kenya

Why Choose Sony Home Theater?

Sony home theatres are top notch with great sound systems that boost entertainment in many homes. Being amongst the best home theatres, they incorporate excellent technological software and hardware, which provides impressive cinema-like and theatre sounds. 

With all these excellent features, they are quite affordable, as you can get a perfect Sony home theatre that falls within your budget. They are available at various stores, and you can easily purchase them online.

Pricing Details of Sony Home Theaters

Price has been an issue in the purchase of home theatres as many persons presume specific costs that are not feasible or even realistic. Therefore this article is centered on giving a list of different Sony home theatres in Kenya and their prices. Since there isn’t a fixed price, you would find the cost of these home theatres varying from store to store.

Sony Home Theater Prices in Kenya

However, here is an excellent pricing list that covers the typical prices from various stores to help you plan your budget.

  • Sony DAV-DZ350

Features: Bluetooth, Digital amplifier, and Karaoke feature

Price: KSh28, 000 – Ksh 35,000

  • Sony BDV-N9200WL 1200w 3D Blu-ray

Features: Bluetooth, Wireless Speakers, and loud sounds.

Price: KSh105, 000 – Ksh 140, 000

  • Sony MHC-V90DW MUTEKI High-Power Audio System

Features: wireless streaming, excellent illumination, control gesture with karaoke, and DJ sampler.

Price: KSh155, 000 – Ksh 170, 000

  • Sony BDV-E3100 3D Blu-ray

Features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Audio/ Photo/Video, playback

Price: KSh40, 000 – Ksh 45, 000

  • Sony 1000W DVD 5.1CH, BDV-E4100

Features: Two large audio speakers, output/input connection cables.

Price: KSh58, 500 – Ksh 62, 000

  • Sony 5.1 Channel DVD – DAV-DZ650

Features: Bluetooth/wireless connection, 2 input microphones, upscaling HDMI

Price: KSh33, 000 – Ksh 42, 000

  • SONY BDV-E2100 Blu-ray

Features: Bluetooth, DVD, Great sound, built-in Wi-Fi, and the one-touch sound feature.

Price: KSh32, 500 – Ksh 36,000

  • Sony 5.1ch DVD – DAV-DZ950 System

Features: 1,000 power output, Bluetooth, Cinematic sound, and Digital amplifier.

Price: KSh47, 000 – Ksh50, 000

  • Sony HT-CT800 350W 2.1- System Channel Soundbar

Features: Wireless streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, Bass boost.

Price: KSh60, 000 – Ksh65, 000

  • Sony SHAKE-X30 Bluetooth Technology Audio System

Features: Bluetooth streaming, DJ effects for spinning music, LED lights, Guitar input, Karaoke feature, HDMI and DVD.

Price: KSh85, 000 – Ksh90, 000

  • Sony MHC-V11 High-Power System

Features: HDMI and DVD, Karaoke features, Bluetooth, NCF technology, and 470W power output.

Price: KSh30, 000 – ksh 35, 000

  • Sony Shake X70D High-Power System

Features: Bluetooth streaming, DJ effects for spinning music, HDMI and DVD LED lights, Guitar input, and Karaoke feature.

Price: KSh120, 000 0 Ksh 128, 000

You can buy these Sony home theatres online or offline. Ensure you get it from a trusted Home Theatre dealer, supplier, and reseller in Kenya. It deals with online and offline sales and delivers at any home and location around Kenya with proven track records of trust, affordable prices, and variety.


Home theatres are wonderful sound gadgets that improve the quality of the standard television sounds in your home. Sony produces one of the best home theatres at affordable prices. This article gives a rundown of prices and products of Sony home theatres. Thus, you can plan your budget and get an affordable and quality home theatre.


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