The essentiality of excavators in construction is something that can’t be neglected. The power-drilled machine is important in any construction and project, and there won’t be a building(s) without an excavator. It’s the perfect equipment for creating the foundation, digging the earth, and making holes that were necessary on the site.

Thus, there is no way contractors can build without an excavator; however, there are different types of excavators, and they include:

  • Crawler Excavator
  • Suction Excavator
  • Skid Steer Excavator
  • Long Reach Excavator
  • Dragline Excavator

Excavator Prices In Kenya

Each of the types of excavators differ from one another in functions; hence, it’s vital to know the kind of Excavator you need and the function it needs to perform. However, excavators are categorized into about three sections. The Association made this category of Equipment Manufactures because excavators are in different sizes and dimensions. The category includes;

Excavator Prices in Kenya

There are different types and models of excavators. Hence, the price varies according to brand, types, and seller. You can use both brand new and used excavators in Kenya. The used excavator can also be foreign or Kenyan, but there’s an insignificant distinction between the two. Below are the prices of both new and used excavators in Kenya according to Model

Prices Of Brand New Excavators in Kenya

  • Liugong 922E Excavator 2021 == from KES 15,500,000
  • SANY Excavators == from KES 14, 800,000
  • Caterpillar 3200 Excavator == from 12,300,000
  • Excavator Caterpillar 320B == from KES 9,000,000
  • PC 210 Komastu excavator 2016 == from KES 12,000,000
  • SANY SY335C == from KES 20,000,000
  • Komatsu PC78US Excavator == from KES 6,000,000
  • Cat Wheel Excavator 320 == from KES 11,600,000
  • Komatsu PC210 Excavator == from KES 14,100,000
  • JCB JS380 Quarry Master == from KES 13,900,000

Prices of Used Excavators in Kenya

  • Excavator TRX == from KES 8,600,000
  • Caterpillar Excavator 320D == from KES 9,200,000
  • Crawler Excavator == from KES 8,500,000
  • Komatsu Excavator 22T == from KES 10,500,000
  • XCMG Excavator == from KES 11,400,000
  • Volvo Excavator Wheeled == from KES 7,000,000
  • Hyundai 225 LC-7 Excavator == from KES 6,300,000
  • Jcb Js330-lc Excavator == from KES 7,200,000

Furthermore, you need to decide the category in which Excavator you need to fall into so that you can choose the right one. It’s also essential you know some of the factors you should consider before buying an excavator. Knowing these factors will aid your decision about the type and size of the Excavator you need to purchase.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Excavator

1) The size of the Excavator

Again, you need to know the size of the Excavator that’s suitable for the job. Excavators are in different sizes, and it won’t look good if you get a size that’s not ideal for your job site, thus, the importance of considering Excavator’s sizes before buying.

2) Excavators Attachments

As known that excavators are different from each other, their attachment also differs. Some of the excavator attachments include; couplers, rippers, hammers, and buckets, hence, you need to know the attachments you need in your Excavator before getting it. That’ll aid your decision on choosing an excavator.

3) Operator’s Comfortability.

The comfortability of the operator should be considered when getting an excavator. The seat and other operator’s attachments in the Excavator must be aimed at the comfortability of the operator; that’s when it’ll be easy and less stressful to navigate the Excavator on the job sites.


Excavators are crucial equipment in constructing any building, and their importance can’t be overlooked. However, excavators exist in different types, models, and sizes; hence, the essentiality of knowing the kind of Excavator you want.

However, the prices of excavators in Kenya differ due to their models and sizes. So, to see some excavator prices in Kenya, read the above article.