The interlock pavers are considered one of the most aesthetic and beautiful choices for driveway and intra-compound pavements today. Apart from the fact that is seen as a reliable and durable option to add style and class to the compound, it has its way of maintaining and spreading heavyweight better than ordinary concrete and other options available today. The effects of upheaval and cracking that happens with concrete slabs are reduced by the interlock bricks and given the topography of most parts of Kenya, this pavement type is seen as one of the best choices today.

Technology has only bettered the lives of people and has positively affected almost every sphere of nature. Improved technology has not only provided smarter, shorter, and more classic ways of achieving tasks, it has also introduced more cost-effective and authoritative standards in the market – a feat that has only improved the aesthetic and building construction work with the introduction of interlock brick making machines. The brick making machine has eased the production of interlock in Kenya and has vastly improved the production of a stronger and more reliable interlock brick.

interlock brick machine price in kenya

Investing in an interlocking brick making machine is always a smart decision for any business that is looking to start off manufacturing interlock brink on a large scale. The machine not only enhances production in terms of quantity, but it also ensures better quality and overall value, thereby welcoming more profit. With the increase in the rate of demand for interlock bricks in Kenya today, getting the machine is a top decision one needs to make.

Interlock brick making machines are available in different types, shapes, quality, and design. They also vary in numbers of interlock brick they can manufacture per time and in other basic details. They are also available in different brands and vary in prices. Do you want to know how many interlocks brick making machines cost in Kenya today? You are on the right page. In this post, we will take a look at the estimated prices of interlock brick making machines in Kenya in the present market. We will also consider basic factors to look out for when buying one.

Price of Brand new interlock Brickmaking Machine in Kenya

Interlock brick making machines are available in various types and vary in sizes. While most of the types available today are efficient and are of top quality, they vary in features and hence, slightly vary in functionality. In most cases, interlock brick making machines that can produce more interlock brick at the same time are usually more expensive than most others. Also, brick machines that manufacture bigger interlock bricks are also pricier compared to those that manufacture basic sizes. In summary, the bigger the interlocking brick produced, the more expensive the machine.

Interlock brick-making machines can be purchased directly from the manufacturers and also available in local construction machine stores across the country. For convenience, the machines can also be gotten directly from online stores and shipped to various parts of the country. Shipping price excluded, a brand new interlock brick can be purchased for between Ksh70,000 and Ksh 150,000 depending on the size, type, and make of the machine.

Prices of Used interlock Brickmaking Machines in Kenya

Used interlock brick making machine is also available in the Kenyan market today. Interlock machines are built to last for a long time and maintain their efficiency over a long period of time. While use versions may not be as neat as the brand new counterpart, they are almost guaranteed the same efficiency and overall functionality, provided they are in good condition.

On average, used interlock brick making machines range between Ksh50,000 and Ksh65,000 depending on the model, type, size, and condition of the machine.

Things To Consider before buying an Interlock Brickmaking Machine

The market for interlock bricks has grown over the years. They are available in various types, shapes sizes, and brands. While some brands have established themselves among the very best in the market, some others are still stuck in the average class. It is also important to note that the most expensive interlock brick making machines may not always be the best for you in certain scenarios. It is always important to consider some basic factors before deciding to buy one. Here are some of the factors to look out for when buying an interlocking brick making machine.

  1. Type and purpose: There are various types of interlock brick making machines available. They sometimes vary in mode of operation and sometimes, in output. Once you decide to purchase an interlocking brick machine, you need to be very sure that the bricks that are created can fit together. You can even watch videos of the exact type of machine you are buying to confirm it delivers the exact type of interlock brick you want.
  2. Your budget: This is in fact, one of the most important factors to consider when buying an interlocking brick making machine. It is important to plan based on your budget. Brick making machines are of various types and vary in prices. You should note that the most expensive is not necessarily the best.
  3. Size: One of the things to consider is the size of the interlocking brick making machine. Consider the size of your workplace, space available to store the machine, and most importantly, the size of the interlock brick output you’d prefer before you decide on the size of interlock brick making machine to buy.

Why You Should Buy an Interlock Brick Making machine

Interlock brick making has grown to be among the most productive businesses in Kenya today. They are perhaps the most attractive hardscape product available today! They are produced in hundreds of different shapes with countless color options and vary in thicknesses ranging from seven-eighths of an inch to three and a half inches. The interlock brick making machine not only makes the production easier and faster but also ensure smoother and sleeker bricks.

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