Power outage can be damaging. Not only that, it can be expensive. Owning a strong UPS in your home or office helps you solve this problem. A good UPS offers protection against surges, brownouts, and spikes. It safeguards your data, hardware, software, and other devices while still in operation.

There are different kinds of UPS in the market today. Below are the prices and features of UPS in Kenya. 

UPS Prices in Kenya

Portable Eaton NV 600VA/360W UPS 

This UPS is made by Eaton. Prices range from KSh 7,150 to KSh 12,000 in Kenya.

The ENV600H UPS has an automatic voltage regulator. It is a very strong device that offers emergency power. It is durable as it powers your personal devices – PC, phone, laptop, etc, especially when the input power source fails.

The portable UPS (360Watts) does not need to be connected to the AC utility power. It gives your reliable power anywhere, and at your own convenience.

Main Features

The portable Eaton UPS has the following key features: 

  • A 600VA/360Watts rating. 
  • Line-interactive that has an automatic voltage regulation topology. 
  • Weighs  6 Kg. 
  • Tower configuration. 
  • It comes with a three-year electronic warranty and a two-year battery warranty. 
  • Device dimensions; 14 x 10 x 33 cm. 
  • It has auto-detection and an operating frequency of 50/60Hz. 
  • Its input voltage rate is 162-290v. 
  • Its nominal voltage is 230 VAC. 
  • Output receptacles – (3) IEC-320-C13. 
  • It uses a WINPOWER power management software which can be downloaded online.  
  • UPS has an indicator LED. 
  • No need to connect it to an AC utility before it starts.  
  • Has 5 audible alarms. They indicate different operating modes.

Product Specifications

Main material – Plastic.


Manufactured country – Singapore.

Weight – 6 Kg.

Model – ENV600H.

Size (H x W x L cm) – 33 x 10 x 14.

UPS Prices in Kenya

Apc Backup UPS (650VA)

Here is another powerful UPS you can find in different electronic stores in Kenya. The backup device from Apc is durable and affordable. Prices range from KSh 8,499 to KSh 12,000.

Benefits and Features 

  • It is safe. This product is already tested and approved. It works well as equipment connected to a service provider and within a different environment. 
  • It protects. This device helps you prevent spikes and surges. It doesn’t reduce the battery power that runs primary electronics – should an outage occur. It has outlets specifically designed for battery and surge. This allows you to protect data and hardware during a power surge, outage, and spikes. 
  • It has outlets solely for surge, and one for protecting the battery. This means you can reserve the capacity of power to run equipment when connected to the UPS for battery backup. 
  • The UPS is easy to manage. It has audible alarms which notify about any change in utility power as well as the conditions of the UPS power. The LED status displays which allow you to have a swift understanding of the power and unit status – they are a visual and clear indicator. 
  • Max configurable power – 650VA/325Watts. 
  • Output frequency – 50/60 Hz +/-1 Hz. 
  • Input frequency – 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz.

Product Specifications

Weight – 4.33 kg.

Model – 650VA.



Premax UPS Backup 1500VA

Here comes a superb UPS from Premax. It is strong and design to save you a great deal from power outages. The 1500VA costs between KSh 14,000 to KSh 16,000 in Kenya.

It has a digital display and works well with generators. It works with an input voltage of 100V/110V to 230V/240V and 50/60hZ auto-sense frequency.

The PM-UPS1500 comes with an automatic voltage regulator which has a configurable alarm.

It a high-performance  UPS with some universal output sockets. They are suitable for countries in Africa.

Product Features

The Premax UPS has several benefits. Below are some of the features of this durable device:

  • It can regulate power fluctuation levels. 
  • It has a capacity of 1500 VA. 
  • Output voltage – 230/240 Volts. 
  • Input voltage – 100V/110 Volts. 
  • Input frequency – 50/60Hz auto-sense frequency. 
  • It has an automatic inbuilt voltage regulator. 
  • The UPS weighs 13.5 Kg. 
  • It has overload protection function. 
  • It prevents short circuit. 
  • Device has two universal sockets and a digital display. 
  • The Premax UPS also has surge protection option.

Product Specifications

Model – PM-UPS1500.


Size (H x W x L cm) – 10 x 12 x 6.

Main material – PVC.

Preventing power outages, spikes, and spurge becomes easier when you buy any of the best UPS in the market.