Are you seeking the perfect makeup that leaves that nice matte Finish after application? 

Most makeup kits, despite their many promises on after-application durability, have on many occasions failed to deliver on their promise, with some becoming cakey after a couple of hours and leaving their users red-faced or dripping and leaving horrible streaks after a small sweat break.

These setbacks experienced by hundreds of women including Kenyans have left most of them confused on which makeup kit to go for when out shopping. 

Makeup Kit Prices in Kenya

However, there is very little to worry about as we will be reviewing a number of makeup kits with great prices in Kenya that our readers can go for and be rest assured of getting the satisfaction they crave.


The Mac makeup kit is a subsidiary of the cosmetics brand MAC which is owned by English designer Gareth Pugh.

The kit leaves a matte touch after application and is great for women with oily skin. The kit comes with over 100 product ranges that are divided into different categories, ensuring that women have a lot of options to choose from. These include eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, foundation powder, eyeliner, and even makeup bag. 

While this makeup kit is all race encompassing, it also has shade dedicated specifically to dark-skinned women.

The makeup kit comes with unique packaging with its bags having an embedded X on them.

Price: Ksh 35,000 – Ksh 40, 000


Leaves a matte finish

Last for 24 hours

Does not become cakey.

No messy streaks

Makeup Kit Prices in Kenya

Black Up

The Black up makeup kit is specially designed to target dark-skinned women. The shades of this makeup kit is a tad darker than the regular ones due to its focus on meeting the needs of African and dark-skinned women. The product portfolio contains an exhaustive range of shades that give the beautiful female a large number of options to bring out her dashing and ravishing look. Some of the products included In the black up portfolio are foundations, pressed powder, angled kajal, mascara, eye bush, eye pencil, eyeliner, lipstick, and many others.

The Black Up make up kit is suitable for all dark skin types as it encompasses different shades that fit different skin conditions.

Price: Ksh 20,000 – Ksh24, 000


Gives a ravishing tone on dark skin

Hydrates dry skin after application

Last 24 hours

Ensures matte finish

Suitable for all skin types.



One of the oldest makeup brands, Revlon has undoubtedly stamped its dominance as a cross-generational makeup kit that has made a lot of women confident about their looks and style.

This makeup kit is a unique blend of fashion and treatment that leaves the skin smooth and younger over time. It is an encompassing all skin cosmetic that leaves its users feeling good, proud, and glowing all day. Its products are designed to last at least 24 hours before wearing off.

All Revlon products come with at least 7 shades that are meant to suit different skin types. Some of these products include: pressed powder, 2 in1 foundations and concealer, foundation, angle kajal, volumizing mascara, pallets, lipstick, ultra-matte HD lipstick, eyeliner, eye pencil, cheek blush, metallic matte finish lipstick, and many more

Price: Ksh 5,300 – Ksh6,000



Last for 24 hours

Gives a matte finish

Does not leave sweat streaks

No cakey look

Refreshes itself

Does not leave a scaley feeling on the face.


Mary Kay

Probably the most popular brand in this list as far as Africa and Kenyan women are concerned, the mary Kay makeup brand has proven to be a formidable force in the cosmetic industry, and rightfully so. 

This makeup kit delivers just as much as any brand on this list and does at a much more affordable price.

The make-up portfolio includes an exhaustive range of products such as eyeliner, Foundation, mascara, lipstick, powder, kajal, and sunscreen among many others. While its makeup range may not Be as much as some in this list, this makeup kit still gives the African lady that superb and goddess look.

Price: Ksh 16, 000 – Ksh18,000


Not harsh on the skin

Leaves the skin glowing

Mask acne and dark spots perfectly

Climate Adaptive.


In this review, we have been able to provide our beautiful female readers with great makeup brands and their respective prices to help them make the best choices as they seek to get that beautiful look that is durable and lasts throughout the day.

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