Getting the accurate masses and weights of different objects or materials within and outside the home is a very tasking, stressful, and almost futile exercise, especially without scales. Weighing scales are of different types and are used for other purposes, which distinguishes one from another. The prices of weighing scales vary concerning the uses and components.

Weighing Scale Prices in Kenya

Weighing Scale Prices in Kenya

The price of weighing scales varies, as there are different types available to meet the needs of diverse workplaces and organizations. These weighing scales are made with specific materials that help them meet the demands of their users.

The common types of weighing scales include; 

  • Kitchen weighing scales.
  • Bathroom weighing scales.
  • Commercial weighing scales.
  • Laboratory weighing scales.
  • Industrial weighing scales.
  • Pharmaceutical weighing balance, etc.

Thus, the weighing scale you want influences the amount you should budget. Also, the cost of weighing scales varies from store to store since there is no fixed price. This article gives an excellent pricing list for the different types of weighing scales from different stores to help you plan your budget.


  • Generic ACS 30 Digital Weighing Scale 

Features: It is digital and weighs up to 30Kgs.

Colour: White.

Price: KSh 3,000 – Ksh 4,000.


  • Generic 10kg LCD 

Features: It is a digital electronic kitchen food diet scale that weighs up to 10kg.

Colour: White.

Price: KSh 596


  • Sterling Digital Food Weighing Scale.

Features: It is digital and weighs up to 5kg.

Colour: Grey.

Price: KSh 1,000 – Ksh 1, 250


  • Generic Kitchen Food Digital Scale 

Features: Electronic weight balance and also weighs jewelry.

Colour: Grey.

Price: KSh 1,020.


  • OUTSTANDING ACS 30 Generic Digital Weighing Scale. 

Features: Weighs up to 30kg.

Colour: White.

Price: KSh 3,500 – Ksh 3,900


  • Generic Mechanical Kitchen Food Weighing Mini Scale.

Feature: Weighs up to 10kg.

Colour: It comes in a variety of colors ranging from pink, blue, etc.

Price: KSh 940.


  • Generic A12 Govt Approved LPG Weighing Platform.

Features: Weighs up to 300kg.

Colour: Blue or grey.

Price: KSh 12,000 – Ksh12,700


  • Generic 300kg Digital Platform L Weighing Machine.

Features: Weighs up to 300kg.

Colour: Blue, black, grey.

Price: KSh 8,500 – Ksh 9,500


  • Generic Spring Platform Scale.

Feature: Weighs up to 10kg with a tray attached to the top.

Colour: It appears as a blue scale with a stainless steel tray.

Price: KSh 3,000 – Ksh3,500



  • Digital Exercise Personal Bathroom Weigh Scale (Generic).

Features: It is digital.

Colour: Black

Price: KSh 1,500 – Ksh 1,800

  • Sterling Digital Glass Bathroom Scale.

Features: It is digital and has an Extra Free Gift Hand Towel.

Colour: Black, Grey.

Price: KSh 1,000 – Ksh 1,400


  • Intelligent Smart Digital BMI Body Fat Scale Bathroom Scales (Generic).

Features: Floor LCD Display, Body Fat Rate Measurement.

Colour: Black.

Price: KSh 2,800


  • 4 Colors Weight Scale Electronic LCD Display Bathroom Scale (Generic).

Features: A Personal Body weighing Scales weighs up to 180kg hand with a Smart Balance.

Colour: Black.

Price: KSh 2,000 – Ksh 2,300


  • New Bathroom Body Weight Mi Scale (Generic).

Features: Bluetooth, Smart human weighing, Floor Digital Fat Weighing Scale (BMI).

Colour: Pink.

Price: KSh 2,800 – KSh 3,000



  • Crane Scale, 300kg.

Feature: Weighs up to 300kg.

Colour: Black, Pink.

Price: KSh 2,000 – KSh 2,500


  • Hanging Light Duty or Hanson India Weighing Scale.

Features: weighs up to 100kg.

Colour: Black.

Price: KSh 3,299 – KSh 3,500


  • Wide Platform Scales.

Features: Weighs up to 300kgs.

Colour: Black

Price: KSh 9,000 – Ksh 10, 000.

Note: Weighing scales are available in a wide range of sizes and weighing capacities. Some may be calibrated, while others may not. Weighing scales are made of different materials depending on the uses and purposes. 


Weighing scales serve amazing purposes in your kitchens, laboratories, homes, bathing rooms, industries, offices, etc. Having one would be a great idea as it would reduce the stress of measurements. This article gives a list of different weighing scales and prices; thus, you can plan your budget and get one. 

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