Woodcutting and felling of trees is quite a tasking job. Doing it with matches, axes, and other crude farm implements make it more tasking. Power saws are portable mechanical machines used mostly for individual and industrial wood cutting. It is of different types and sizes for various purposes. It also comes in diverse price ranges.

Power Saw Prices in Kenya

Pricing Details

Prices of Power saws generally varies from a different store to another. Here is a list of different power saws and their price ranges to enhance budget and easy purchase from anywhere worldwide. 

Power Saw Prices in Kenya

 S/N  Power Saw  Prices
 1.  Prescott Gasoline Chain Saw 22″ 58  Ksh 20,000 – Ksh 22, 500
 2.  Bosch Circular Saw GKS 140  Ksh 10,999 – Ksh 12, 900
 3.  Stanley Black & Decker 190MM and 1600W CIRCULAR SAW  Ksh 14,350 – Ksh 17,000
 4.  Prescott 1800 TABLE SAW 10″  Ksh 32,000 – Ksh 34,000
 5.  Stanley Black & Decker 254MM 1500W COMPOUND MITRE SAW  Ksh 32,500
 6.  Generic 1 Pcs 20″ 76DL Chainsaw Chain 325″ / Husqvarna-20 Inch 38 Knife 76  Ksh 18, 000 – Ksh 19, 000
 7.  Generic Grinder-Electric 1000W 220V 11000rpm Woodworking Chain Saw  Ksh 800 – Ksh 1,000
 8.  Ryobi 255MM 1800w MITREE SAW SLIDING COMPOUND  Ksh 49,500
 9.  Stanley Black & Decker 255MM 1800W TABLE SAW 255MM 1800W  Ksh 62,500
 10.  Husqvarna 395 xp Professional Chain Saw.  Ksh 121,000
 11.  Ingco Lithium-ion Circular Saw-CSLI1401  Ksh 7,500
 12.  Husqvarna 372 XP Professional Chain Saw.  Ksh 83,000
 13.  Generic Cordless Wood Metal Reciprocating Saw Attachment.  Ksh 2,200 – Ksh 2, 400
 14.  Generic Electric Drill Wood Metal Reciprocating Saw.  Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 1,200
 15.  Corded Electric Handheld Jig Saw Machine  Ksh 9,499 – Ksh10, 000
 16.  Generic Manual Filling Chain Saw.  Ksh 1,400


Types of Power Saws

The power saw comprises sturdy blades, chains, and some sets of teeth. You can employ power saws in cutting plastics, metals, bricks, concrete, and other materials. They are essential, especially in lumbering, to aid in the felling of trees. There are different types of Power Saws accompanied by other uses for each.

  • Circular Saw: This power saw has an abrasive disc or tooth that chops off the material. It is useful in cutting different materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic. It is fast and used to make long straight cuts. It one major piece of equipment in sawmills. It is of different types such as the concrete type, the cordwood type, the cold type for metals, and the grinding’s abrasive type.
  • Chain Saw: a mechanical power saw that cuts with the set of teeth attached to a rotating chain running in alignment. It is portable and used in tree felling, printing, bucking, and limbing.
  • The jigsaw: cuts at an angle of 45°, and it is quite useful for making complex shapes and curves in woods.
  • Table Saw: It has a circular blade mounted on a bench used mostly for wood cutting. It is known to make the most appropriate cuts.
  • Mitre Saw: It comes in handy for trimming, cutting, and molding at selected angles. It is small and portable. Compound miter saw, laser miter saw, sliding compound miter saw, and dual compound miter saw are all types of miter saw, Etc.
  • Reciprocating Saw: They are handheld and are small in size. It works well for metal or woodwork.
  • The Band Saw: It is a stationary power saw with a long blade for cutting straight and curved cuts. Horizontal and vertical band saw meat band and wood band saw, portable band saw are examples of band saws.


A power saw is an essential tool and equipment, primarily in woodcutting and tree felling processes. It is suitable for cutting plastics, metals, ceramics, concrete, bricks, and other materials. This article gives you a guideline on the different available power saw products and their various prices that are very affordable to enable easy planning and purchase.


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