In today’s technologically inclined world, it is important for companies and businesses to be more efficient and smarter in how they get things done. Gone are the days when the world was okay with slow pace machines and rely heavily on paper written documents.

To stay in par with the world, it is important to be updated with rising technology and be faster at doing lots of business-related activities, one of which is copying documents from one sheet to the other, an activity that has been really helped with the introduction of the photocopying machine.

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A photocopy machine is one of the common equipment that is usually found in offices and business centres. The machine not only allows easy duplicate of documents, but it also ensures a faster, clearer and neater duplicate.

The importance of photocopy machines have grown over the years and it remains one of the most important machines in the modern world. The machines are available in various types and vary in functionality and overall features. While some photocopy machines double up as scanners and even printers, some are solely used for photocopying.

Owning a photocopy machine, either for personal use or commercial purposes, can be very profitable. Apart from the fact that it eases the stress of duplicating documents, especially if you work with a lot of those, it also makes perfect sense for business centre owners as they can make so much profit using the machine as a business on its own. The Kenyan market has grown of late, so also is the photocopy business.

If you want to know more about the photocopy machine, you are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at the common types available in Kenya and consider how much they go for in the market, taking a look at both brand new and used versions. We will also touch on factors to consider when buying a photocopy machine.

Prices of Brand new Photocopy Machines in Kenya

Just like most other office and business center equipment, photocopy machines are available in different types and vary in class and quality. While some photocopy machines are solely configured to duplicate documents, some others also couple as printers and scanner.

With the photocopy business market expanding drastically in Kenya, lots of manufacturers have come up with more dazzling photocopy machine designs, varying from small to large scale in terms of efficiency. Note that photocopy machines used for commercial purposes are more heavy duty and are usually more expensive than the ones used for personal purposes.

Photocopy machines can be purchased directly from the manufacturers and also available in local stores across the country. They are available in various brands and for convenience, they can also be gotten directly from online stores and shipped to various parts of the country.

On the average, a brand new photocopy machine costs between Ksh 45,000 and Ksh 120,000 depending on the size, functionality, and features. Some other small photocopy machines for personal use are cheaper though, they cost between Ksh 18,000 and Ksh 45,000 depending on the brand and mode of operation.

Prices of Used Photocopy Machines in Kenya

Most photocopy machines in Kenya today are strong and reliable. They are built to last for a long time and still maintain its efficiency. Although there is still a place for brand new photocopy machines, given their superiority in terms of neatness, sleekness and overall presence, used versions are also equally as efficient. Depending on the condition of the used photocopy machine, the consumption of ink should relatively be slightly more than brand new.

Used Photocopy machines can be bought for Ksh15,000 — Ksh60,000 depending on the type, size, and condition of the machine. Just like the brand new versions, used versions are now available for sale online. You can log in to popular e-commerce platforms and search for the type of photocopy machine you need. It is essential you should always check the condition of a used machine before buying.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Photocopy Machine

Running a business successfully, whether personal or commercial, is not possible without a good photocopy machine. With various brands and types of photocopy machine in the market today, it is getting increasingly difficult to pick that exact type you need. The different types vary in mode of operation and sometimes, functionality.

There can be various points you need to consider, these factors significantly boost your choices and streamline your options. Let us take a look at some of the factors you should consider when buying a photocopy machine, whether brand new or locally used.

  • Speed: This is probably one of the most important factors to consider. Photocopy machines vary in speed and it is always essential to go for one that duplicates documents very fast, especially if you want the photocopy for commercial use. A high-speed photocopy machine can duplicate and produce up to 100 pages per minute. So if you own a high scale office, then you know this type is what you should look out for. Some other types can duplicate and produce up to 40 to 45 pages per minute.
  • Paper capacity: Although some wouldn’t take this as a big deal, you cannot afford to be refilling the paper slot every 1 hour, especially if you are into heavy duty activities. Some photocopy machines have a large paper capacity that can contain up to 2000 sheets of paper. You can consider these too when buying a photocopy machine.
  • Brand: There are some brands that have established themselves among the reliable photocopy machine manufacturers in recent times. To be safe, it is always better to go for these brands. You can always read about the brand you want to go for, check reviews on the internet and ask people who use the same brand. Popular brands are easier to fix and spare parts are easy to get.

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