Do we need to emphasize the importance of popcorns in the entertainment world today? It is everyone’s unofficial entertainment snack. It is the one snack you see everywhere and wouldn’t just go away anytime soon. Movie fans crave it in cinemas; sports lover snack on it during football matches; kids can’t get enough of it during family hangouts and picnics.

Popcorn does not need to be enjoyed only at the movies or at sporting events. Many people enjoy a great big bowl of popcorn at home for a casual snack. As it stands today, popcorn rates among the most in-demand snack for both young and old. The question then is, don’t you think it makes perfect sense to get a popcorn machine, either for business or personal use?

popcorn machine price in kenya

Whether as a business owner or a lover of popcorn, there are lots of reasons to want to own a popcorn machine. Given the fact that it remains one of the fastest-growing small-scale businesses in Kenya today, the machine is a great one to have. Either to support your business or as a lone business, the popcorn business still remains the top game.

For lovers of popcorn, it isn’t even a bad idea to get one for personal use. Popcorn can be healthier with the use of a popcorn machine, as contrasting to the microwavable alternative. With your personal machine, you can easily control the amount of butter, salt, and other ingredients added to the popcorn, considering the health factor and other basic factors.

Popcorn machines are available in different types, shapes, and sizes. They slightly vary in features, ease of use, and of course, prices. Some companies in Kenya have discovered that they can make extra income and attracting people by selling or sharing popcorn at their workplace. Most businesses use a popcorn machine for various events including inventory clearance sales, or product demonstrations.

Popcorn machines are a great and inexpensive way to give customers something for free, keeping them happy while they shop. Also, many parents will give their kids a bag of popcorn to keep them busy while they go about their daily business.

Let us take a proper look at the popcorn machine in Kenya. We will consider the types available, how much they go for in the market, and things to consider before buying one.

Price of Brand new Popcorn Machine in Kenya

The popcorn machine is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after snack machines in Kenya today. Its amazing usability apart, its importance has grown in various spheres today. Just like most other machines, they vary in sizes, shapes, mode of operation, functionality, and overall efficiency. They now rate among the most in-demand machines and so does their importance, especially to the business world. It should be noted that popcorn machines used for commercial purposes are usually more expensive than the ones used for personal purposes.

On average, a brand new popcorn machine can be purchased for anything between Ksh12,000 and Ksh 18,000 depending on the type and capacity.

Prices of Used Popcorn Machines in Kenya

Generally, popcorn machines are strong and durable. Depending on the type and brand, they can be used for a very long time and still maintain the same efficiency. Why buy a brand new one then? Although there is still a place for brand new popcorn machines, given their superiority in terms of neatness, sleekness and overall presence, used versions are also equally as efficient.

Used popcorn machines cost between Ksh7,000 and Ksh13,000 depending on the type, size and condition of the machine. Just like the brand new versions, used versions are now available for sale online. You can log in to popular e-commerce platforms and search for the type of popcorn machine you need. It is essential you should always check the condition of a used machine before buying. Although most of the machines sold are efficient, some might be unreliable and buying them could be a big mistake.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Popcorn Machine

If you are planning to buy a popcorn machine, there are some basic factors to consider. With loads of different popcorn machines in the market today, it is essential to know how to discover the exact types that fit your needs perfectly. Also, while it is important to note that the most expensive machines are not necessarily the most efficient, it is essential to understand that getting a great one might require you spending.  Let us take a look at some core factors to consider when picking a popcorn machine.

  • The capacity of the Machine: This is one of the most important factors to consider. Before you determine the capacity of the machine you want, it is important to know what exactly you need the machine for. If it is for personal use, you might not need anything too big. You can comfortably go for a machine with a compact capacity. If you want the machine for commercial use, then it is essential you consider one with wider space and can pop more popcorns at the same time.
  • Consider your Budget: This is one factor you have to always consider. If you need a big popcorn machine and don’t have the money for a brand new version, you can safely get a used machine and still get the job done. Also, if your budget can only afford a small machine, then you should go for it.
  • Consider the Efficiency of the Machine: It is nothing to hide, popcorn machines have in efficiency and processing power. Some machines are faster and more efficient than others. It is always essential to get a machine that has a plus in terms of efficiency, especially if you need the machine for commercial purposes.
  • Brand: Here is another factor to consider. Some brands have stamped their feet among the most reliable when it comes to popcorn machines. Their products are durable and have gained a raving reputation from all over. It is always safer to get products from these brands. Although some other brands might be great, it is always preferable to get popular brands so that when issues develop, the machine can be easily fixed.

Prices of Other Machines in Kenya

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