The PlayStation series has always open gamers to a more exciting world of gaming. PS4 is not an exception, it delivers more real value. 

PS4 Prices in Kenya

This guide focuses on the various prices of PS4 in Kenya.

PS4 500GB with FIFA 20 Bundle

The price for this PS4 package is between Ksh42, 000 – KSh 48,000.

There are always more adventures to explore, there is a huge library. With the gadget, you can install up to 32 titles on its 500GB hard drive.

It is enabled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which makes it easy to play games online. Built with HDR technology, its console has high-quality contrast as well as a range of colors for games. This makes your gameplay more vibrant. To enjoy this benefit, a TV enabled with HDR is required.

This Sony product also works with the PS VR – the camera and headset, sold differently. This means it allows you to play new VR games.

The package also has the FIFA 20’s physical copy. Have fun with the updated leagues.

Main Features

Enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 


FIFA 20 Bundle.


What’s in the package?

  • One HDMI.  
  • One Headset. 
  • A Console. 
  • A FIFA 20 Game. 
  • One Dualshock.


Weight – 3.5 kg.

Production Country – Japan.

Size (L x W x H) – 14 x 4 x 16.8cm.

PS4 Prices in Kenya

PS4 Pr 1TB Standalone (Black)

In Kenya, this packed game costs between Ksh 55, 000 – KSh60,000 (discount may apply in some stores).

Here is a powerful console. One of the best in the world ever experienced by gamers. The game’s graphics are great, explore the games with a real-life view. Its GPU comes in double functions, it’s simply powerful.

Experience stunning 4k and HDR-enabled PS4 Pro, keep the adventures going – with the life-like colors. Move swiftly, more explosive, and smoother. This offers you a stable frame and clear movement.


Weight – 7.28 lbs.

Height – 2.2 in.

Width – 11.6 in.

Depth – 12.9 in.

Main Features

  • Its storage capacity is 1 TB. 
  • It’s a game console. 
  • Its storage type is HDD.  
  • Supported by YouTube and Netflix.   
  • Media Type: Blu-ray. 
  • Has Parental Control Capability for HD Streaming. 
  • Network Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Gigabit Ethernet. 
  • It weighs 4.5kg.

What’s in the full package?

  • Mono Headset. 
  • Printed Material. 
  • USB Charging Cable. 
  • PS4 Pro 1TB. 
  • HDMI Cable. 
  • DS4 Wireless Controller. 
  • AC Power Cords.

PS4 500GB SLIM with FIFA 21 PS4+Pad

This packed PlayStation costs between Ksh 49, 000 –  KSh54,000 in most stores in Kenya. 

Enjoy full fun with this package. The new features, new season, and football intelligence will keep you busy on a deeper level of real-life match day. You could take control of dead balls via new power, aiming, and a better timing system. The game flow is dynamic. With it, you can easily activate Al’s positioning and defense. Have more fun with the dynamic player motion. The graphics are of HDR high quality, giving a gamer a nice view.

With the PS4 bundle, there are several bonuses including the FIFA Ultimate Team content, the rare Good Pack.

You can also compete with friends or other gamers in interesting online matches. This comes with a free trial of the PS Plus, for 14 days.

Main Features

It comes with the creativity of modern soccer in high-quality HDR graphics. Also, think Volta soccer, the cool street soccer that many enjoy back then. The style, the authenticity in culture, it’s unique.

Have more fun by participating with other players online. You will love this feature. It would definitely hone your skill.

Has 3 FIFA Ultimate Team icon. These are loan players on a 5-match loan period.


Weight – 4 kg.

Country of production – USA.

Key Material – Plastic.

What’s in the package?

An extra controller.

FIFA 21 Standard Edition.

Black PS4 Slim 500GB.

You can get the PS4 at affordable prices in Kenya. It comes with different offers and discounts. 

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