A thermometer gun is used for measuring different drafts and insulation breakdown. This tool is also useful for monitoring cooling systems. With its hot spots are easily picked in electrical systems and bearings. it is useful for different types of measurements.

This article discusses various types of thermometer guns, their prices, and specifications. Keep reading.

Thermometer Gun Prices in Kenya

Non-contact Forehead Infrared Temperature Thermometer-1 By Generic

This thermometer gun is a product from Generic. You can buy it for KSh 1, 100 – Ksh 2,200 in Kenya.

The non-contact forehead thermometer gun is easy to operate and responds fast. Also, the results are immediate. 

Temperatures are recorded mainly by the use of infrared rays that are emitted by the human body. It is safe to use without any side effects. It gives accurate reflection for the temperature of parts being measured. This tool can be used on adults and infants. It also has energy-saving power and the ability to shut down automatically.

You can use this thermometer gun in a dark environment. This is possible because of its LCD backlight. The tool also allows you to set the value of alarming temperature. Its preset value is thirty-eight. Settings for switch prompt tone can also be set.

For it to work, it doesn’t need to have contact with the skin. It can also store up to 32 newest measured data values. 

Thermometer Gun Prices in Kenya

Key Features

  • Auto shutdown and energy-saving capacity. 
  • Instant measurements and gives an immediate result.  
  • Weight is light making it portable for use.  
  • LCD enabled backlight makes it suitable even in a dark environment. 
  • Direct skin contact is not needed. 


  • Package weight – 210g. 
  • Item weight – 110g. 
  • Body temperature measurement – 32 to 43°C. 
  • Display resolution – About 0.1°C. 
  • Ambient temperature measurement – 0 to 60°C. 
  • Auto-shutdown time – Up to 7secs. 
  • Measurement distance – 1 to 15 cm. 
  • Item size – 95×42.5×156 mm.


Generic Medical Infrared Thermometer Gun

Here is another thermometer gun by Generic. It is a medical infrared thermogun. Prices of this medical tool range from KSh 1,000 to KSh 1,400.

It has an auto power off. The memory function is strong. Within it, one can compare time temperature with ease. Also, the previous time temperature can be scanned. The device doesn’t have mercury, and it has a 3-color screen system which is used for indicating different conditions.

The thermometer gun has a fever-warning function. It uses AAA batteries. The rechargeable types can also be used. This medical tool greatly reduced the risk of being infected by bacteria viruses whenever tests are conducted. Thanks to its non-contact ability. It avoids cross-infection.

Main Features

  • Has a backlight LCD display. 
  • User-selectable ℃ /F. 
  • Body and surface temperatures are selectable. 
  • Accurate non-contact measurements. 
  • Good storage capacity. It can memorize the last 32 measurements. 
  • Convenience and very accurate. 
  • Can set alarm value.

What’s in the package?

  • A user manual. 
  • A thermometer. 
  • Screw and a screwdriver.


  • Weight – 0.4 kg. 
  • Main material – PVC. 


Infrared Thermometer by YHKY 

Here is a very quality product by YHKY. In Kenya, the prices for this thermometer gun range from KSh 1,000 to KSh 1,300.


It has two measuring models. The non-contact digital infrared forehead thermometer measures objects and humans. For human, temperature ranges from 89.6℉ to 109.4℉/ 32℃ to 43℃. For objects, it ranges from 32℉ to 140℉/ 0℃ to 60℃.

The measurements are quick. The response time is 1-2 secs. Results are displayed within fifteen seconds after the measurement.

Temperature is easy to read. Whether you want to check the temperature of your forehead or of an object, it’s very simple to use. It shows readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

This thermometer gun offers accurate measurement. It is very suitable for forehead readings. Marginal errors are very small. This tool is more accurate than a regular mercury thermometer.

What’s in the package?

  • A user manual. 
  • One medical infrared thermometer. 
  • Batteries. 
  • Colour box.


  • Weight – 0.25 kg. 
  • Production country – China. 

Most thermometer guns available in Kenya are affordable. Get more accurate readings by acquiring any of the tools above.


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