The appropriate or right kind of welding machine should be used all the time for any type of welding operation. Else the outcome or result of the welding will not be encouraging. Welding has many techniques; therefore, you must understand what is the purpose of your welding and ensure you use the right techniques required. 

Why choose welding machines?

Welding machines also referred to as welding guns or welders, are the most vital tools needed for an excellent result in welding operations. It is what every professional welding need to produce good welding work. 

Welding Machines prices in Kenya

Choosing the right welding Machine

When you are faced with the decision to choose a welding machine, aside from knowing its purpose, it will be used. You must also know some of the necessary accessories for all welding professionals, a torch, welding helmet, goggles, welding curtains, and the welding gauntlet. You also have to consider the following: The quality of the welding, conditions surrounding the welding environment( rough, dirty, smooth, etc.), the type of welding metals, the thickness of the metal, source of Ac/Dc power supply, and the welding power duty circle(how much to can do without overheating).

Welding Machines prices in Kenya

Price is an essential part of the purchase of any goods. Nobody will purchase a product without knowing the price; while some bargain, others will go ahead and pay. So many people believe welding machines are very expensive and meant to be purchased by wealthy people alone but this is not true as it can be purchased if very well planned for! To buy a welding machine, it is essential to kick away the thought that the cost price is much; hence it is impossible to buy.  Take your time to read below the excellent and affordable pricing list of welding machines in Kenya: 

  • MMA Welding Machine 250 A

Features: Input voltage(220-240/380-400 V, frequency( 50/60hz), electrode size (ø2.5-5) mm, 1piece of (electrode holder with cable, earth clamp with cable,  wire brush). 

Price: KSh 17,000 – ksh 22, 000

  • Oil Cool Arc Welding Machines

Features: current 300 -400A, 240v,  Heavy-duty guaranteed,  20l coolant oil, 2.5m input cable. 

Price:  KSh 15,000

  • Royce Rac 400 Inverter Welding Machine

Features: power supply of 400v 

Price: KSh 15,000 – Ksh 23, 000

  • Welding Machine Heavy Duty 3PH Single Phase Combination

Features: single and 3 phase voltage combined 220-380v-400v, IGBT inverter, heavy-duty welding, protect against overheating.  

Price: KSh 28,000

  • Machida Welding Machine

Features: 250A maximum, contains all requirements for welding. 

Price: KSh 11,000

  • Spartan Heavy Duty Welding Machine

Features: fan-cooled, easy operation,  Spare parts

Price: KSh 15,960

  • Edon Welding Machine

Features: (Tig torch, brush/hammer, protective masks, welding cable, earth clamp.

Price:  KSh 13,500 – Ksh 23, 000

  • Spartan ILD 200

Features: 200A inverter, complete accessories,

Price: KSh 15,000 – Ksh 18, 000

These welding machines can be purchased either offline or online but make sure you are buying from registered or trusted shops or suppliers, dealers, or resellers. Ensure you have seen other buyers’ testimonies regarding the person or shop you want to buy from, especially online. Home deliveries can be done too but prepare to pay for the delivery fee, the fees vary based on the location and distance. 


Welding machines are an essential part of professional welding. There is never an excellent welding job without the use of welding machines. Many people believe it is challenging to purchase a welding machine, which is why this article is written to give you an overview of the prices and prepare to buy one for yourself as you prepare your pocket toward it. 

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