When you talk class, you talk Toyota. Apart from the fact that this brand has developed a reputation for manufacturing road-friendly vehicles, they have over the years rated among the most trusted vehicle brands in Africa. Thanks to their solid reputation, they currently rate top of the automobile market in Kenya. With a lot of scintillating features their vehicles boast, there is one particular brand that stands out in almost all areas – the Toyota Prado.

Every great thing you have heard about this SUV is most likely true. You wouldn’t need up 10 minutes cruising in a Prado to understand why it rates among Toyota’s most standout SUVs. From its beautifully designed interior and its outstanding body down to its handling and overall efficiency, everything about this road magic speaks class.


toyota prado price in kenya

Toyota Prado is one of Toyota’s oldest brands. Ever since it entered the market in the 1980s, it has undergone numerous revamps and still maintains the sleekness, efficiency and ruggedness. The Prado was welcomed with open arms in Kenya and remains among the favourite SUVs in the country.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the basic features of this SUV. We will also consider the Prices of various models of in Kenya today.

Brand New Toyota Prado Prices in Kenya

Toyota vehicles are known for their consistency and continuity. This is also true for Toyota Prado. Ever since the first model was launched in 1985, Toyota has managed to manufacture Prado Land Cruiser every year and still does that to date.

Like all other vehicles, prices of brand new Toyota Prado are affected by fluctuation in currency exchange rate, tariff and custom clearance charges. Regardless, a brand new Toyota Prado 2018 model can be gotten for between KSh14, 500, 000 and KSh22, 500, 000. This fee sometimes includes the tariff clearance charges and charges for other necessary documentation.

Brand new versions of the latest Toyota Prado vehicles are available in Kenya today. They can be shipped in directly from the manufacturers or purchased from Toyota vehicle distributors and dealers across the country.

Prices of Used Toyota Prado in Kenya

Although there is nothing as special as a brand new car, neither in quality nor freshness, fairly used vehicles, whether locally used or foreign used, sometimes serve as great alternatives. Used Toyota Prado may not be as shiny as the brand new counterpart, but they still stylishly maintain that swagger and class the brand boast. The fact that Toyota is known for durable and reliable vehicles means you shouldn’t have a problem going for a neatly used Prado.

Africa is a big market for foreign used vehicles and that does not look like changing in years to come, thanks to the fact that they are relatively cheaper than brand new versions and maintain almost the same efficiency especially for reliable brands like Toyota. They are also relatively easy to acquire and sometimes they dot even require a great deal of clearance.

Prices of used Toyota Prado, whether foreign used of locally used, vary due as a result of some certain factors which include the year of production, the condition of the vehicle, and fuel mileage and other similar factors.

Let us take a look at the average prices of various models of foreign used and locally used Toyota Prado in Kenya. Due to the wide range of options available, we will focus on models from 2000 to date.

Foreign Used Toyota Prado Prices in Kenya

  • 2005 – 2007: KSH2.4 million – KSh3 million
  • 2008 – 2010: Ksh 3 million – Ksh3.8 million
  • 2011 – 2013: Ksh5 million – Ksh7.5 Million
  • 2014 – 2016: Ksh 5 Million – Ksh 8 Million
  • 2017 – 2020: Ksh 7.8 million – Ksh 12 million

Locally Used Toyota Prado Prices in Kenya

  • 2005 – 2007: KSH1.8 million – KSh2.5 million
  • 2008 – 2010: Ksh 2.2 million – Ksh3 million
  • 2011 – 2013: Ksh3.5 million – Ksh5 Million
  • 2014 – 2016: Ksh 4.1 Million – Ksh 6 Million
  • 2017 – 2019: Ksh 6 million – Ksh 7 million

Toyota Prado: Some Things you need to Know

The Toyota Prado is a mid-size automobile that does almost everything you desire is a classic SUV. This SUV not only rates among the best Toyota SUV of all time, but it still also one of the most sold mid-size SUV in Kenya today.  It combines beauty and efficiency in the finest of fashions and truly deserves all the accolades that have so far come its way.

After its first official launch in 1985, Prado has maintained steady standards and improved in design, features and efficiency. The Japanese SUV was first deployed as a light-duty vehicle of the 70 series. The latest generation, the J150 series, is absolutely remarkable and boast of lovely features and characteristics including soft handing, smooth interior design and more efficient engine.

The latest version features an eight-inch audio display, 18-inch alloy wheels, front seat ventilation, panoramic view monitor, rear Torsen and many more friendly features. It is available in five different modes: Eco, comfort, normal, Sport S and Sport+ as well as the previous multi-terrain select, drive mode select and adaptive variable suspension which makes the ride smoother.

Like other Toyota brands, the spare parts of this lovely SUV are affordable and readily available. With a strong V8 engine, you can be guaranteed a hitch-free ride.

Toyota Prado: Things You Will Like About The Car

  • Top-class safety features: If safety is one strong point you consider when choosing a car, then you can be comfortable with Toyota Prado. Latest versions of this SUV boast almost every safety feature you desire including rear view camera with rear parking sensor, auto high beams, smart cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and other lovely features.
  • Strong V8 engine: Latest models of Toyota Prado boast powerful V8 engines which enhances their overall performance. It also features an outstanding 3.0-litre 170.63bhp 16V D4-D Diesel Engine.
  • Beauty at its best: If you ever doubt the creativity of Toyota brand, just take a look at the smartly designed SUV. The latest models of the vehicle boast a lovely interior and outstanding body.

Toyota Prado: Things You May Not Like About The Car

Almost everything about this SUV is perfect. But like most other SUVs, Prado vehicles are not fuel efficient.

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