TVS Motorcycle Prices in Kenya [2021]

The TVS Motor Company produces TVS motorcycles. They generally provide outstanding quality, comfort, and are a good transport option. TVS track record has earned them a make both home and abroad. 

Furthermore, TVS motor company rank as the third-largest motorcycle manufacturer in India and record over 3 million annual unit sales and the second largest exporter to more than 60 nations globally. Their products are also one of the most reliable in the transport industry and are readily available.

Here, we will examine some TVS’ everyday motorcycles and their price in the Kenya market today.

List of Prices of TVS Motorcycles in Kenya

    TVS motorcycles are common in Kenya. They are sold in good auto shops around the country and can be gotten directly from the local distributor or directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy from online stores like Jiji, Jumia, etc.  

 S/N   TVS Motorcycles   Prices
 1.  TVS Apache RTR 160  Ksh 151,610 – Ksh 170,000
 2.  TVS Apache RTR 160 4V  Ksh 159,191 – Ksh 180,000
 3.  TVS Apache RTR 200 4V  Ksh 125,000- Ksh 220,000
 4.  TVS Apache RTR 180  Ksh 150,000 – Ksh 160,707
 5.  TVS NTORQ 125  Ksh 104,436 – Ksh 118,051
 6.  TVS Jupiter  Ksh 96805 – Ksh 107,343
 7.  TVS Apache RR 310  Ksh 371,445
 8.  TVS XL100  Ksh 60,629 – Ksh 74,045
 9.  TVS Sport  Ksh 83,143 – Ksh 93, 278
 10.  TVS Radeon  Ksh 137,780 – Ksh 152,721
 11.  TVS Star City Plus  Ksh 97,023 – Ksh 97,781
 12.  TVS Scooty Zest  Ksh 91459 -Ksh 93,733
 13.  TVS iQube Electric  Ksh 174352


TVS Motorcycle Prices in Kenya

Although the price listing above reveals the estimated cost of TVS motorcycles in Kenya, you should visit current prices before purchasing one. This is based on the price fluctuations, foreign exchange rates affecting the market.

More so, the cost variation may mainly be due to the purchase time, place, Product availability, and some other factors.

Things to consider when purchasing a TVS Motorcycle in Kenya

Don’t buy on impulse! Getting the perfect TVS bike is so simple if you know the necessary features to look out for. This would help you streamline your focus and take the best pick, as not all bikes will fit you. Here are some vital factors that motorbike buyers, especially the newbies, should note when buying a unit at the Kenyan market.

  1. Seat height

A rider must try seating himself on the bike to examine the height since the average Pinoy is not tall.  For sufficient balance, choose a TVS bike height that will enable you to put feet on the ground when seated. Do so will allow you to do the one-foot and tip-toe balancing in traffic.

  1. Footpeg position

There are foot pegs stationed rearward, a bit forward, or to the middle based on the motorbike’s spec. Race bikes have their footpegs placed backward while touring bikes or cruisers have theirs positioned forward. For safety and comfort, motorcycle buyers should choose the bike according to their riding style and footpeg position. 

  1. Seat cushion

For a better bike feel, the supersport bikes come with a thinner seat cushion. However, the cruisers, touring, and adventure machines have broader and thicker cushioning for endurance and comfort. 

  1. Clutch lever and Brake

Not all hands have a firm grip and equal size. Thus, you might need to ensure the levers are soft and smooth to operate. Some levers are positioned closer to the handle grips, while some are farther from it.  Well-spaced levers come in handy when stuck in heavy traffic. 

  1. Handlebars

Apart from it being a back pain trigger, handlebars can be a minus while gravitating through traffic. Adults with the athletic build or younger blood can tow this land. However, if you aren’t either, ensure that your body can adjust to the forward riding position. Or make ready some painkillers.  

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